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This is twenty four seven news on komo news i'm michael preston after the fatal shooting of a pierce county deputy in the line of duty earlier this month the pierce county executive says there will be a major investigation and everything will be on the table executive bruce damn meyer admits the sheriff's office is shorthanded but he says that's only part of the problem gotta include staffing we got to look at our procedures that are practices we've got to look at our mutual aid agreements we've got to look at the information eric communication systems that provide information to our deputies before they go on a call when mccartney was killed in a gunfight near sent late on the night of january seven dan meyer says there were extra deputies on the road because of overlapping shifts he says some deputies were helping tacoma police at the time and he says it's important for investigators to find out what mccartney knew about the call before he decided not to wait for backup dammeyer says the investigation will be led by law enforcement officer from an outside agency king county and the trump administration are headed for a showdown in court more from komos jeff pohjola the justice department is threatening king county in 2002 other jurisdictions with subpoenas if they don't hand over documents related to policies on immigration executive doubt constantine asking for something i think doesn't exist which is uh this this notion that we've directive law enforcement officials not to cooperate with the federal government does not true but the white house says they're just enforcing immigration law and need the cooperation of local authorities jeff pohjola komo news lawmakers say they're trying to reduce the cost of car tab fees the bill introduced by democrats past yesterday with bipartisan support it comes after voters in pierce king installments counties approved a measure to fund sound transit light rail expansion throughout the region many people to other car tab renewal fees go up significantly this bill is one of many lawmakers have introduced hoping to scale back how much money is going to sound.

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