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We wanted to go on this lease so out Craig. He's out and thus the minute as kind of like at quite WanNa do something. You know that people are going to be going to do that again. So all right well do that again. Because I've done it and have changed. So maybe I've just got to stop. I've maybe I've just gotTa go me. Fifteen minutes is up if we've already established const up because you've gotta do somethin' and find out what the reason anything. There isn't anything out this moment in time. Got Me Origami a maybe. It's not worked create. Maybe works dried up. Maybe I've just got to do something but the thing is you've more or less always create your own work really anyway and I nope. Maybe maybe that's it. Maybe I've I've built everything dry of what I can do. Because I'm not a keeps cropping up Stephen Fry or wherever ACCAN- account do anything I'm even limited georing promotion and all that do you ever after. Yup. I was thinking about it because I heard you during the promotion series to your actually no because I remember. She didn't really like it during the first. Here's the thing about US promotion. You kind of talk about it a little bit. And then he goes off on another tangent which is Great. Because you feel more comfortable. Not then then. I'm told don't do that. You talk about Y- yeah yes like because you've got a nice history. Yes Oh it was nice. It's just it's just John. He pulled out a big part of the job now. No I don't do social media so if you can't promote what you do people are kind of like. Do you want him to do anything new. Because he doesn't really promote I. I can't put stuff out there. And they find it but he's so much stuff now that if you not some gop shy who never shows the folk on social media then you don't stand a chance because no one knows you've even done anything off the time do you think is just saturated. So it's just not the world different. Everything is on demand and so much of it that out. Does anyone know I'm doing but the way we talk about changing a lot over seven to ten years no lot the way we consume telling different completely changed now? No one's gone. I'm going out but I'm going to tape it and then I wanNA come back right. It's on the list list of things I'm going to think about before that before typing when he's like you know Thursday night Dali Jr. It was everybody was. I wasn't a big. You know what I mean not tonight but those things those coined the phrase war or cola moments that there are a thing of the past. Now I don't no no one's altogether watching it and there's no there's no twenty five million people watching eight just spread out so accom- yeah I can. I'm not good at that side of it and I think that is part that GIG. These days you don't feel settled second time around though now come do honestly say can you go on shows and stuff and you know. I like this. We sat in a room. We're having a shower. Didn't know audience on this morning. This morning was hours that that's not bad because I've been on their law and they're always a decent and there's not loads of people can't do anything with the crowd. I cannot do a crowd and I don't even know why there is a crowd to these because I think in fact you've don't chance in front of the Jew thing when you do a chat with someone in front of a crowd do you think he's as good as when he's not deny us to find it quite uncomfortable. Because I've used to fail. I'm I'm on my focus. Is there to lie while the host there but then I've got this loads of people out there watching. I don't really know what to apply. Airdrop lay out. I just WANNA I just WANNA stop. I don't like and nothing's no show is real anymore. Seems all about laugh. So all about getting to laugh. Graham Norton massive. Show everything but he's kind of what's your anecdote this week. You never the old days of Parkinson when it was a chart here. That doesn't happen. Tony Style. Same thing quite early brief could be quite serious and was in audience. Logan wasn't old navy. Now if the audience is like the data we and there was an audience on park is well if it was again as you sign about change completely different style of show. Yeah to like something you know. Even I mean there's an audience for the one show but I mean now he sold is kind of right. Thanks combing you. Got Two minutes tells. A funny story all sank down now. Yeah I don't I don't care so I can't do that sort of thing. But did he fail? More settled filmon series. Two than you did to say he's never settled. And maybe you shouldn't be settled. People have told me that you shouldn't be comfortable. You should always be on edge so you get the best out of your Limbaugh Otto now. I wish I could enjoy some of it when we weren't film and it was worrying about in the next scene when we finish that day. I'm worrying about the next day stuff when I'm doing it. I'm worrying if it's good enough if he's making sense and because you've got that chance to can we do it again. Can we do it again? You into again. There's no time wherever. So he's yeah. I honestly driving air today. I was thinking what a big fan of southern Griffin. When when when you for you to not big Fun of Light Challenge Challenge. Tv Love Watching Bullseye. I was like you could do something. Like Bullseye. Could Bring Bullseye Code. And then it was like but I don't want the live audience. There does does not program after our F- a live audience the therefore going back to change again that did of a live audience. Let's audience been the audience off Cape cheaper anyway because you don't need a big studio donate a warm up. You don't need a warm up. You don't need maybe. Even people will be bad at the dance because they haven't got a crowd of fifty people watching. There's no need I don't understand a TV shows. I've audiences now. I don't know why the their empire annoyances because I'm going to show if they want an audience because he's point me off tipping point hasn't gone audience as now just Ben Shepard. The three or four people put a well dawn. You've once and Grand Jones next time you don't need. Yeah but if you still have can laughter on the set comes exactly so get rid of the audience conned audience. Well forget we didn't we decide don't even have a audience and the one that at four. I don't know that feel comfortable. Donate look when you watch bull's eye and some wins the fucking caravan go well Don. I don't need sway fifty people. He's he doesn't need. It doesn't ease over the moon so we don't need other people clapping for Iran. Right okay so we've been the audience off been the audience. They've got questions on this and other audience PA if not all it can do. Everybody's audience our home. You want to ask questions so the audience on the twitter and facebook. Why in the audience and some people don't even get answered. They sit there all night. Ask a question. And Fiona Bruce goes yes good point thanks for that. I knew blow dungarees and the glasses. True wh what was he there for doing things on social media that questions are going to be very limited because there's only a certain amount of space that they can ask the question but then again you're going to go back to me about the email Craig O. And how much time he's wasted with clapping being gave me just doing audience. His in general go tell me what show needs an audience. I found out there the dice speaking of audience. Warm up show university challenge. Used to have a warm-up Munn audience warm a warmer since the start of a hype up the audience for university challenge of all shows. Don't get I don't talk because they are not going out for anyone about when whether they still do is another. Ma bought a dune out. Know Ted Robbins dummy tad along Walnut Manfred. University Challenge. Tough crowd as well off crowd. The things that people don't know is he's actually really really smart. Oh is he. Yeah so as soon as the east. I tend to turn the tables on the audience. David looked at him will not need it anyway. Because that's can only connect does not an audience doesn't like university challenge out questions if you're thinking about answered you want someone coughing. Maybe the audience in your off get rid of audiences so do do. Bullseye will buy new game show brand new risk a risky some of them. Have you ever since some of the daytime that you just stumbled watching though too that shit? Which one are you talking to us? O One once. I was in a hotel come back. I'm just GONNA think splits us on just trying to get to sleep. Talion always a bad move and there was one about Boland. The ODDS ARE SOLD BOWL. So you can't play along omen known as well unless you've got a pointless now alike ally detecting part thing. Tipping point is good and quick partners have an audience. The Mike it a why you do know honestly at a non to be honest and I tell you I don't like it. I know it's on because it's on after on seeks road trip every night and musically starts. I always say like five seconds of music because it's not even as they felt like Oh. I'm not in that time. I actually go. I'll be waiting to turn the fun of it but in mind. These are the one you did. House of House of cards is it Richard. Osman I haven't seen it house game all right but anyway we just telling Telliano. The point is about those without an audience. That's the point. Carl I reckon. Did you like bulls eye of course a group of Bullseye? You remember bulls eye right for those. Who didn't know soles I call? Let'S GIVE A QUICK SYNOPSIS A Quick Synopsis. Of what a Sensei? Same show Jimbo in it was it was a Dr Bald. Two of you got invited. On an Watson was one one was what was the thrower at one wall was the Noah used knowledge. So a man you throw try and get the most saw points round the dartboard nervous scored the most got to answer the question and then points make prize. You sought the pounds the town. That's else but cards. Right was points. Nobody nobody was still still. I'm sure it was Bob. Dole's don't cross the streams of constantly constantly shop the black doing as you H H. That's right yeah a closer catchphrases but the point is get rid of all that shit because there's no audience to play too and I think that was the problem Jim or his catchphrases for his for live audience to keep them happy because he was an old school. Tanner really yeah and the audience to it was all people in there. Were there for about three days to fill zones and then and just after quiz. They're not going to change. It is not going to happen. But that's how that's how my brain works. What do I am not saw a thing? Do I even want to do it? I Love Bullseye bought. Just because you watch something doesn't mean you WANNA present Auden. Ochre does do a pilot call not committed no committed. You know you can be like well op. I'm glad we've sort of come full circle. I think we should go with this idea to fill a bit but now I'm excited about go on the I take it that easy as well. You Watch these things that easy. You just.

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