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Larry King was 87. So was 19 fifties sixties singer Jimmie Rodgers, who had a string of so called crossover hits. Walter Bernstein Road film scripts for decades, except when he could not do to the notorious Hollywood blacklist. He had an Oscar nomination for the front. Which was about that situation. I'm not a right don't be a defeatist. The guy's wrote those scripts, not May. I put my name on them. They were. They were blacklist that I was helping him out. It's it's my name and their scripts. Walter Bernstein was 101 Chinese table Woman following rescue efforts for some two dozen miners trapped for two weeks now in a gold mine. The latest word is that One miner has been rescued. Somebody has one has taken a winning lottery ticket in the Friday night. Billion dollar jackpot. This is CBS News, Traffic and Weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. It is one of three and we've got a chilly old night out there. Drive carefully. You don't want to need to pull over for any particular reason. Traveling north bound on the Tobin Bridge. Once you get over to the Chelsea side, we've gotta work zone. We don't have a work crew out there tonight. That work zone is slowing down people just a little bit. We got a few extra folks out in the road right now. It's a Saturday night, Sunday morning traveling right now in the downtown area. Always looking pretty good. Lower decker route 90 three's They come Bridge somewhere in Callahan Tunnel, Sarah Drive, all moving very well right now as his route 93 from Braintree, two of Boston traveling over on route 95 all clear right now on the South bound side, just by Route one and dead, Um, after an earlier problem, because there's some issue a little bit earlier and on route 24 in the time. Out of Berkeley. All is well through there. We had a little bit of a crash, and that's that's um, pretty good shape. Now traveling route 4 95 from Wrentham, right on up to Marlborough. No issues to contend with the run routes 1 90 or 2 90 coming out of New Hampshire by way of Route three through teens burrow all the way down through Billerica.

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