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The epicenter what's wrong in this country is in California in a course in on Tuesdays the great primary there that everyone says Bernie Sanders will win the course on Tuesday of Sanders wins taxes in California that's more than fifty five percent of the votes I'm sorry of those delegates are going to be picked on Tuesday of those of the fourteen states those to contain fifty five percent of the total to be picked on Tuesday and of course all told the on Tuesday thirty five percent of the delegates will be packed with Merope but a judge now out of the race and of course are out of the race it looks like it's between Biden blackspot pine verses Bernie and but Bloomberg on the outside the killer bees and man with perspective on all this is James Harrison left coast reported newsmax dot com and James Harrison welcome again on the bill Cunningham show live in California James arson how you doing are doing well it it's an honor to be with your bill as always hi James Harrison are you ready for what's going to happen on Tuesday with the California primary which likely is gonna get Bernie Sanders a huge advantage over Joe Biden now the media's favorite is there any chance in California on Tuesday with to judge now gone that to somehow a Biden is going to be burning I don't think so and I don't think it's a sure shot bet Biden will get enough of these bridge at your borders to make that kind of a difference you know British judge very poorly both in the vada in in in in South Carolina first week in Nevada where minorities with Hispanics and then in South Carolina with African Americans and there's a significant Hispanic voting bloc in California I I don't think bridges Jr has here hasn't been a big presence here he didn't have the money to compete when you look at the airwaves if you see of a smattering of Joe Biden as you see a lot of it's what it's like Sanders is running against Bloomberg in California so I think Bloomberg's going to siphon off votes may have gone to Brighton and I think Sanders you're you're protected I think you're going to take a lion's share of this huge delegate rich state and he's going to I'm super Tuesday he's going to emerge in a way that scares the Democrat establishment even more because he's going to be on a contract Aug may make not to get a majority of the delegates but to get a plurality of the delegates which is in a way push the the establishment decision makers and is a New York times article recently showed in a position where they're going to take it away from Bernie when he actually has the most delegates of any person running if that's the case after super Tuesday which will cause a schism in the Democratic Party Cosby Bernie supporters who either stay home vote for it you know the Green Party candidate or even some of them vote for trump but they said they're willing to pay that price because there are they think that if Bernie gets the nomination it will be able to govern the sequel they will lose the house and therefore they're going to pull strings that was sent there gonna use the super delegate roles and take take this away from burning unless some how dirty is able to get that majority of delegates yeah I'm mad I don't know what the DNC will do well I'm in Ohio and it's got to be fifty percent of all the radio and TV commercials that are run for anything are run by Bloomberg yeah not one time have any of us in Ohio cenobite mad or or Bernie it's all Bloomberg all the time but let me be the devil's advocate for a moment would you agree with me that whoever the Democrats put up they they hate trump vote will be about forty to forty three percent no matter who runs now on top of that who excites the democratic base Byton done do it Bloomberg doesn't do it with but a judge gone he's not going to do what I can imagine Elizabeth Warren there's a sense I hear of that the over what you wish and that of course conventional wisdom says Bernie cannot win he's a socialist he's lost Florida you can't take taxes he's Donal cracking proposals Michigan Pennsylvania farming in Iowa Wisconsin Minnesota probably on the other hand he's the only democratic controlled twenty five thousand people given three or four days twenty five thousand show up which is a failure of a public education system the government's goals and manipulate the minds of these of these children now young adults who later going to be in the board rooms now they're in the colleges do you have a concern that somehow when when we believe the other side can't win the Democrats are saying in twenty fifteen we don't want K. sick we don't want to R. Rubio we we don't want jab we got to have that guy come down the escalator he can't win so how is it possible that you and I normal Americans are saying you know what Bernie can't win when maybe the opposite will happen in twenty twenty that happen in twenty sixteen be careful what you wish am I wrong thank you it's very important that we don't take anything for granted and you've talked about they hate trump contingent on the forty two percent you're right give me they're going to go for whoever the nominee is forty not only has the energy he has a powerful organization he has a huge donor base of small donors he's not going to run out of money and a significant number of the Democrats are going to unite behind Bernie and the entire apparatus of dark money of George Soros money or Bloomberg money for that matter all the big money donors to the Democratic Party including Hollywood which gives the ten ninety percent of the democratic candidates they will all unite behind the anti trump Porsche will hold they'd rather have burning the drop in so this is going no matter who gets the nomination this is going to be a political war like James group worse than what James carvel described because for example here in California we have something called ballot harvesting which is a fancy word for voter fraud which allows operatives to go out and gather absentee ballots and there's no time to verify them and so they generate them on the eve of voting when they think they need them then all of a sudden you go to bed at night thinking the Republican one wake up in the morning and the Democrat is one oh we're going to see a tremendous she rolled back we're going to see the kind of October surprise yeah that's way beyond anything we saw even when trump was running against Hillary Clinton they came up with the access Hollywood tapes and directly as they continue to latch on to anything that could harm trouble course including this coronavirus coverage show yeah I think the people who are right of center have to unite behind Donald Trump I think we've seen a number of former never Trumpers lined up at the Republican Party is probably is United has it ever been ever and they they have plenty of money for the rank and file the wonderful listeners of the bill Cunningham show they have to realize that they can never take this for granted they have to get out and vote get their friends to dance to get friends of friends to vote you must and we're going to overwhelm them with turnout to overcome the chief vote whoever the nominee is an end yep Bernie could win we have yes absolutely over and over again yes and that is a nightmare for this country well look at it this way James you're in a part of the country California the frankly doesn't matter because it's going to be blue for the rest of the century or longer because of motor voter in cheating unfortunately I live in a part of the country where we have verification when you have to vote you have a you have an ID to get a driver's license now you have to give a urine sample I had to get my person to ever get IT give two bells of where I live they check everything off as long as we have several states in this country that has legitimate voting up United States citizens we're gonna be fine now the Congress in California you used to have fifteen or twenty Republicans I think you're down about seven or eight by the time they got one motor voter you might have one or two and that's it it's over with maybe not a McCarthy can win and so the fact of the matter is I hate hearing on fox news and elsewhere our news Max so I watch a lot of newsmax TV your friend of mine went on a road in others I watch it and there's such a sense of boy we want Bernie Bernie is going to win but a judge is now gone Stiers gone we want Bernie will be careful what you wish as long as we think that Bernie cannot win that's the recipe to having him win that American fundamentally changes and I don't like to hear somehow the Bernie Sanders can't win we were told in nineteen seventy nine that that that cowboys beat Hollywood actor what bonds are on his lap Jimmy Carter one of Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan cannot win that no one's going to put him in power member that I remembered twenty fifteen Hillary Clinton's type you're saying look we don't want one please don't have case against the president and maybe Marco is the V. P. we can't win well we can beat them we give me please don't we we want trump and look what happened and the complacency will set in and then we're going to lose and lastly before I let you go I have this other thought the forces of evil in the world in America will do anything in their power to keep trump from his second term because of the supreme court federal judges taxes so the board of the military well I wouldn't put it past some desperate around the world or in America to do something to trash the American economy or the stock market to make sure that trump cannot win the Russians do not want trump they want a fellow traveler named Bernie Sanders called a communist by James Carville the end and it worries me that on October the thing is supporting the wind beneath trump's win what wings is the stock market and the economy well I wouldn't put it past the Iranians the Chinese and north Koreans the Russians or others do something that sparks something terrible in the economy are you worried about that too and as the corona virus part of that yeah I mean we're seeing it more share with exaggerated reporting here responsible remarks exaggerated reporting by the media and irresponsible remarks by Democrat office holders knowing that they could panic the public about this they create this distorted perception of job ability there's a place called Orange County Orange County has declared a state of emergency bill is one patient one corona virus one that patient has fully recovered and they.

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