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There was one American headline which I don't know whether they were trying to be funny, but it did save led to Putin dances at waiting in Vienna, sets off alarm bells across Europe, and I just thought, know how clumsy is this guy, really Stephen, any any thought, if you if we're talking disreputable has anything we need look any further than Washington. I mean, can you imagine having Trump at your wedding every you know, you know, we see, probably Senate take, you know, you said you got married like news, you didn't really get married. I, I think also. Coming closer to home. If you wanted someone who'd be really boring, you wedding, you know, have Theresa May, you know, trees may who's worst thing to do as a child was run through Clun field. I believe she had bare feet at the time. It was a week. Pedantic thing ever said. But I, I was I was very taken with the fact that I thought, you know, he, he shows his roots. You know, it's going to be someone who can dance. I hadn't thought of that way. I must admit, I thought, you know, who'd be the most boring per Boeing Jupiter as an Australian. I'm of course gonna argue that's the Englishman returning to his roots. You just what you just want a sort of a passive aggressive Dullard who give not terribly interesting speech. Well, actually someone who if look who would want, but at, you know, someone who who'd give a good speech and someone who's young and sort of brings a bit of panache I would say Macron in bring them the the, the couple, the French couple bring to the wedding because you know, that would that'd be impressive. But it'd be happy to have them there. But I mean, it's actually nineteen years ago today that I got married, so I'm not looking to do any any any more of that in the near future. Actually, ever again, happy anniversary that upbeat. Note that does bring us to the end of today show. What do y'all Rivera and Stephen deal? Thank you for joining us up Dory house. The show was produced by Carlotta Rabelo research prior Fernando Augusta per check and Julia Webster s Judea manage. It was David Stevens music next at one thousand nine hundred. Some Monica culture show. I'm back with more on the day's main stories on the daily at twenty two hundred Madari house returns at the same time tomorrow. Eighteen hundred London time. Now I'm Andrew Miller. Thank you for listening..

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