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Running high-speed like he's six one. You know, Mark is good ones. Five ten. There's a big difference between those two guys. And if you haven't heard of the correlation between college punt and kick returners who have success the guys that dominate in those special team roles in college translating to successful fantasy players. That's that's actually one of those big markers of if they're able to do that in open space, some whatever whatever trait that is tends to translate well to the NFL Christian Kirk. Yeah in and he was a hominem. I mean that he's he broke records in college for that. Well, hopefully, he can stay healthy to having been injured already this year truth Justin Jackson's my rising star running back for the Los Angeles chargers. So few San Diego showing up on the broadcast last night. I don't blame him. But Justin Jackson look gets Cincinnati next week and Melvin gorge. And does miss. It's a great opportunity for Justin Jackson Austin her. Tried to put the Batman suit on last night. It didn't fit big it didn't it was too big. It was long around ruby. He put he needs to strap on the Robin suit the tight, Robin underpants. That's where he belongs. And that's not a look one of the highest average yards per touch Austin equa. He only has that. Because the touches don't come on every down trying to run between the tackles. Justin Jackson, gave the chargers. Something special last night. Mike has brought his name up repeatedly over the course of the preseason and into the season. I honestly thought Justin Jackson before the season would take equities job and going through the game last night. It was surprising. They didn't let Justin Jackson run more even after he was having success. They still went back to her. Well, it will be interesting to see if that game plan shifts next week of them saying, okay, we have the proof of concept. Just and you're good. Even he got called out by Philip rivers. Yeah. I don't know if you guys saw during during the post game interview, Phil rivers rivers was elated and he's talked about the breakout party for thirty two. So I I it let's see if they use them next week. It might have something to do with hot hand might have to do with echo gets off to a slow start. They're going to quickly move into Johnson. And and you already said, Andy, but just repeat it Cincinnati next week. Yes. Goodness gracious. Justin Jackson is going to be a great start. And then Kansas City the next week. If for some reason, they hold Gordon now because they're in the playoffs or they listening to the show either way. Fifteen he'll be back. Just in time. My rising star could be put on ice here by Mike Tomlin, and his contused and confusion, and what's going on here with James Connor. But I wanted to bring up the name of Jalen Samuels because it in yahu leaks. Jalen Samuels, currently retains his tight end eligibility. Swayed Shaquille teeter, which means you could have the starting running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers next week in your tight end spot, which is certifiably unfair oath. We'll see of Yahoo jumps on this quickly or not. I don't know if they will. But regardless of that if James Kohner is going to miss Jalen Samuels projects to be the the primary ball carrier. The the primary guy of what could still be a little bit of a timeshare, but the main guy as they've shown Pittsburgh picks their guy in the go with him, and he would take on Oakland. So he will become a fantastic spot start. If if you're struggling with injuries heading into.

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