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Hey, Iraqi, said you, You know, an expert or something that builds a Briton? Whatever. Besides labor, I would imagine the cost of a bridge. The major cost would be the steel. If you agree with that steel maybe Ross's talking land acquisition? Yes, but still concrete. Yes, because that land acquisition is gonna be a big deal. Right. Well, okay, so I wanna thank way outside the box. Why not dig a tunnel underneath the Ohio River? Um, born north and South? Look, I don't know if that's been considered, but I'll look at a proposal, right? I mean, I mean, I wouldn't have done it done it A million places. One from Paris to, uh, England, right? From London to Paris there over the English Channel. Come on, man. Yeah. I mean, you could easily. I mean, what's that stretch? Probably maybe 1000 yards, 1500 yards or something. Building tunnel. Man, I don't know is that it isn't my I mean, more or less would be a mile that you'd have t dig through. I would guess, But I imagine there's so much other infrastructure that you're changing levels of bridges. And you know, there are way up here now they could go way down there. Look at it. I mean, yes, felt by my felt on my desk. I'll check it out way We'll take more of your calls coming up. 749 7800 the big £1.700 on a TNT. What do we need to do about the Brent Spence Bridge? We will be shut down for literally weeks, Kentucky said weeks the winds of 60 to 90 days. I believe that Kentucky Chamber of Commerce guys, says 60 90 days so Wow. Your thoughts after IRA news news radio 749 7800 the big £1.700 on a TNT. But now the new 700 W W News, traffic and Weather News Radio 700 w L jealousy Cincinnati A little bit better guests on one, the Brent Spence Bridge will reopen this is the 3 30 report. I'm Matt Reese Breaking now. Best case scenario for the reopening of the damaged I 75 bridge. We're looking at weeks, perhaps more than a month. We know that the best case we have Repair that repairs that will take weeks to execute Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Secretary Jim Gray in a news conference this afternoon with the governor of Kentucky, that you heard live here on news radio 700 wlw. No specific shed on the damage to the bridge and exactly how it all happened during this week's fiery double truck wreck, But the state is urging people to prepare for the closing and find other ways to get to work or even stay home. The Ohio River is open again. It's Cincinnati by the way to commercial and recreational traffic, so There is traffic on the water, but not on the bridge above. Let's check the latest traffic and weather together. Plenty of slow spots this afternoon from the U. C. Health traffic center. The greatest gift this holiday season is keeping loved ones safe and well, do the right thing. Together. We can stop the spread of covert 19 Expect delays on North Bound 75 from Burlington Pipe eastbound to 75 between 75 4 71 and the full stretch of South bound for 71 all heavy traffic areas right now slow down on South 71 between Gilbert Done reading and 4 71. They've got the Roebling suspension Bridge closed to avoid damage from heavy trucks. Your heavy on end near the clay, Wade Bailey and Taylor. South Gate Bridge is currently an accident on eastbound to 75 before before Ward's corner. It's now blocking the left lane and traffic is backed up to Montgomery Road, and you've also got a slow moving maintenance vehicle eastbound to 75 approaching the Hebron exit. Traffic there heavy back toward the state line. I'm Rob Williams News radio 700 WLW. Now go ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling Weather Center on news radio 700 wlw. Our temperature this afternoon will top out at 56 degrees overnight stake mostly clear down the 37. So another seasonal night tomorrow with high.

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