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Fifty seven thousand David rink who was also playing at Gulfstream hundred six thousand eight hundred ended up second haven't heard his story. Frank mcgaughey and the mcgaughey team was well represented. They dot the landscape in that leaderboard ninety seven thousand seven eighty four patchy and forte who forged the lead late and looked like he might have a nice handle on things going into the nightcap, seventy six thousand four hundred for fourth shake Fahahd playing at Santa Anita. Pat was playing on express bet shake Fahd was at Santa Anita seventy thousand three eighty two Jim Venice just as as really had a good year just under seventy thousand for him to be sixth. Sammy Richmond who had been a long time leader throughout the day. He'd been first or third pretty much all day long and very good performance from Sami Richmond. He was playing on express bet. Sixty five thousand six fifty two Paul Scott on express bed. Forty-six nine hundred Nick Tammaro, forty four thousand six hundred himself for night and Shane musk Carello forty one one John Nichols. We talked about John made a bold move mid card fourth and fifth races. And then hung in from that point. Lot of lot of big names. Well, no names. Kenny Jordan, part of the jersey, mafia. Kenny was twenty eighth Philly. Joe twenty-ninth Ross Gallo twenty-second Atta Macon who jumped up to the leaderboard p fairly late at around the eighth or ninth race. Adam Aken made a big move. He and. It was let me see the I don't know if I've got all of the recorded. Spots. But there was both. There was both Atta making and Adam Kluger Kluger was playing Santa Anita. He's a music industry. Exotic and Adam Aitken was at Gulfstream they jumped a head of Sammy maybe around race nine or ten and both had strong, showings..

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