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Hello welcome to Ono Rawson Kerry. The show where we don't just report on science, spirituality and claims of the paranormal. Take Part ourselves yet then the claims. We you don't have to I'm Kerry poppy and I'm Ross Blocher. Hey Kerry. How are you doing and okay? Well Yeah I'm okay. Yeah, I'm excited that it's Max von. Drive us and that we get to finally talk about something. People have been asking us to do for years. This has been a frequent request and something I've really been interested in doing. Though Wim Hof methods Wim. Hof Method Oh my goodness. There's so much to back here and talk about here. Many of you are going to be familiar with this already. We can't wait to tell you more, but I ed specs fund. This is very exciting because I love. MACs fund drive and this year. It started on my birthday Oh hey. Happy Max Birthday Fund drive. That work. Originally, we were going to have months ago and the world kind of fell apart and we had planned to have it again and then the world. Bettering. Yeah, so this is slightly unusual for Max Fund. Drive format where it's. GonNa, go on a little longer. It's going to be four weeks, but it's GONNA be low key, no payable cool, but Shell. It's like you know whatever like join if you can. You know really lucky to yeah. Yeah, and we mean it when we say joint. If you can, so a lot of people just aren't in a position right now to be supporting us, but if you are in A. A position to help support artists on the supported entertainment and podcasting. Now's the best time to do it because there are still we've got all of those incentives for sending up at particular levels, so a lot of cool things going on, but this is the best time to support us in what we do. Yes, so when you become a member, you're directly supporting our ability Ross and carries ability to make this shell. You're supporting us. Yeah, exactly into by Wim Hof workshop take. It really is the case that as the memberships come in were able to look at it and say okay cool. What can we do this year? so if you want a really stellar on Iraq for the next year, become a member or upgrade your membership..

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