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Esteem no take a look at the picture would you have yeah now that I look at it at first it just looks like kind of a creepy Santa Claus because I haven't slept in sixteen a big guy he's got kinda hollow cheeks got Christmas hat on but his legs are kind out to the side of that's what those are and he has in one hand what appears to be a straw or a needle I'm on the other hand as a thumbs up sign and then in front of him or three lines of I guess cocaine and then there's what's that little mountain of balls there that that the the rocks well it looks to me like it's Scarface is my little friend let it snow you're killing me now yeah Walmart said we have removed these products from our market place we apologize for any unintended offense they may have caused hello a whole new meaning to the term White Christmas yeah any unintended offense yet just have seven plus one hundred okay at Christmas time well you're killing me all right now earlier in his news report the the legendary Kevin o'neill mention this at one of the nano that was duct taped to a wall now let's see what I'm saying here a banana that was duct taped to a wall sold for one hundred twenty thousand dollars and then the story gets weirder this guy David the tuna images real name and installation and performance artist in Georgia peeled off the art piece from a wall on Saturday and ate it wow now this was a hundred and twenty it would did you see it match it's about mammoth of bin and dump taped to a wall yeah and it sold for a hundred and twenty thousand apparently it is a part of an exhibit of renowned never heard of the guy myself Italian artist Recio curtailing are you also has a listen reseal little ticked off when the guy eight his hundred twenty thousand dollars currently he didn't think there is you know anything at all he was just experiencing the art but this is coming the second telling fellow apparently has a six million dollar eighteen karat gold and toilet with stolen I mean are you just go ahead and and and write your own and what I want to I want you to know this miss because I know you have culture at my house right now I have a piece of lettuce stapled to my driver open the bidding at one hundred it's a good your paddle when you showed up today yeah I'm going to keep it down all right and lastly I think I speak for everyone here Gerrit Cole and the New York Yankees nine year three hundred four million dollars three hundred twenty film over now molds Gerrit Cole thirty one twenty nine twenty nine he's twenty nine year contract that means when I started on a hundred and twenty it's it's that's nine years thirty about thirty seven million dollars that means when he's thirty eight years old you're gonna be paying him thirty seven million dollars a year to pitch is a thirty eight year old these are changes now but I will aggravate error that's with him forever you can barely six plays every day when he's on to say that thirty six engine thirty of Maryland yeah doing nothing.

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