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Okay is coming to Indianapolis so by the way is the commerce secretary Wilbur Ross and I know you're all just absolutely excited about that what Wilbur Ross last month he's also loaded dear lord crazy crazy amount of money Tony cats ninety three W. I. B. C. good morning great to be with you yes they they are coming they both sit on a board to gather and so they're coming to see what's going down in the fair city this is the American workforce policy advisory board of on the trump is the co chair and along with Wilbur Ross board member governor Eric Holcomb so I don't know if he's in charge of the tour they're gonna be welcomed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for Tor I honestly is there is there gonna be a drive is there going to arrive Mar you're gonna be out there the two seater what's going down and then they will meet at the Indiana women's prison that's been confirmed by the Indiana department of corrections I don't know what else is going to happen I only imagined driver's gonna get a little messed up in those areas and you gotta you've got to keep an eye out for that today however is giving Tuesday right you have thanksgiving and then you have Black Friday and then you have small business Saturday Sunday so day of rest Monday is cyber Monday and then you have giving a Tuesday the latest on the dollars some cyber Monday according to C. N. B. C. nine point two billion dollars up sixteen point nine percent from a year ago spending a Levin a million dollars a minute from eleven PM to midnight dear lord some of the people I think they can get like last minute deals is that how it worked I don't know I didn't buy anything I never let like like a schmuck I ended up buying some stuff but I nothing that was that was Black Friday ask I need I need them a broadcast cable camera but that's what I bought like I I'll yeah it's it's in my eyes my office right now it's not listen it's it's I thought it was gonna be a lot bigger like it's it's basically camcorder size it really is and super lightweight with not just by its way that is the number to order we're doing a holes I told you things are getting interesting guys we're doing all set up we're no I honestly it could all be for naught but yeah nothing ventured nothing gained as they say in the business my people nine point four billion that's a that's pretty impressive of a number of top sellers included frozen to toy is LOL surprise dolls with a little surprised all map where what's in LOL surprise though it's a done a lot to love right that's what L. O. L. stands for lots a love though I I I thought I thought was laugh out loud well I've been I've been doing a lot of people lots a love for them.

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