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I'm Brett burkhart. The Fremont fire department says it happened at a construction site on Durham road. Three construction workers were injured when a twenty foot tall rebar tower fell. One of them is in critical condition to others have moderate injuries all of them are being transported to the hospital. State. Investigators with Callo show are on their way to the scene. Stay with Keiji. Oh, we'll have updates throughout the day. We are getting an indication that the death penalty may be in play and the killing of a bar passenger, a grand jury has indicted a man with special circumstances in the fatal stabbing of a woman at the MacArthur Bart station. Twenty-eight-year-old John Lee, cowl facing murder and attempted murder. Charges in connection with what appears to be the unprovoked stabbing death of eighteen year old NIA Wilson in July. Wilson sister Latifah was also stabbed but survived. Cal had been scheduled to enter a plea later this month that changes with the grand jury indictment. That includes a special circumstances of lying in wait. It has now expedited and we'll go directly to trial. Police say cowl is a transient who had reportedly suffered from mental illness. They say he's a violent felon who was on. Parole at the time of the incident. Terry rouse reports a new hearing has been scheduled for next month. Bizarre disturbing horrifying just some of the words that are being used to describe a high school prank and Davis as we hear from Jim Roope. A student at Davinci charter academy and Davis and a few over France baked some cookies and headed them out to students. Andy Knox tells Casey are TV that the girl handed him a cookie as he was entering his sixth period class and told him there was a special ingredient in it. He says he asked if it was marijuana. And he was horrified. He says at his fellow students reply. She said it was her Grandpa's ashes her Grandpa's ashes Knox says he didn't believe her at first until she showed him the earn. And he looked inside the cookie and says he saw specs of gray in it. The school says it's responding the police are investigating. I'm Jim Roope. This news update is sponsored by PG and E PGN east care program can save twenty percent or more on your energy Bill every month. Apply today. Text C A R E two zero two eight three. Households must meet income or program eligibility requirements, and we have a new crash and selling meals to tell you about Mark Nieta? We'll have the update on northbound one one next on cod. You.

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