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Rocket mortgage by quicken loans apply simply understand fully mortgage confidently to get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash dan equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states nmlsconsumeraccess dot org number thirty thirty you're listening to laugh across with lien color you're on the air a highly and longtime listener first time caller why in your professional opinion dean take my calls off the air is this carl yep it's carl that he we had a few dates everything was great i thought well you know when you switch to geico you can save a lot of money on car insurance okay awesome you should call them i will gaiko because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always the great answer josh new mill one of the stars transformers the last night in theaters now the pride of my not north dakota back on the program how you doing judge i'm good jack who from north dakota who we are and oh university north dakota dahlia trade and is a i think his parents were preachers in that area powder mobile app and a good movie went therapy q i qana anyway how are you good i'm good so you're texting me yesterday's i'm talking about the mvp and then you send me this meanspirited text about lebron james that you said he's not the best player in the game only doses collect stance why what do you have against lebron james i don't have nuclear get great my problem is that we're all meant what what what we have achieved the greatest for the wall what i don't think he is.

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