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Joseph Citra beat Walter Smith for the district one seat and John Dingfelder beat Stephen Lytle in the district three race. He's expected to be the heavyweight in the race for the democratic nomination. And he's also the last to get into the contest sources say former vice president Joe Biden's going to post in video and official campaign announcement Thursday saying he's running for the nomination of his party to get to the White House. Even without the announcement yet Biden's on top of several polls the latest from. Has him up over his nearest competitor. Senator Bernie Sanders by seven points. But when it comes to the progressive wing of this party, Biden might not fare so well in a straw poll of about ninety thousand democracy for America members Sanders is on top with forty two percent Biden God just about eight percent. Jill NATO, Fox News. Democratic Party candidates running for president have stopped boycotting cable TV's conservative channel. Fox News is no longer. A no goes on for Democrats and south bend, Indiana. Mayor Pete Buddha. Judge is the latest presidential candidate to sign onto a town hall meeting on the network. The may nineteenth event will be held in Claremont New Hampshire the Rhodes scholar and openly. Gay Afghanistan veteran has climbed in the poll since launching an exploratory committee in January. He's now among the top tier of democratic candidates. Pam Coulter CBS news, the leader of free Lanka's parliament claims senior. Government officials deliberately withheld intelligence about possible terror attacks at least three hundred fifty nine people were killed in the series of suicide bombings on Sunday at churches and hotels around the country. A seventy year old woman is dead after she fell about two hundred feet into the Grand Canyon officials say the woman had been walking off a trail near a popular overlook yesterday when she fell rescue team used a helicopter to recover her body..

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