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Eight nine one seven two that's eight hundred six four eight ninety one seventy two investors entrance do you recall straight talk about you and your money he called once again to investors John Gary Kaltbaum you're mostly thanks for being with us today glad you're here ladies and gentlemen happy that your listing it's Wednesday April eighth two thousand and twenty and in case you haven't noticed the start and the end of the shows a little bit different we've had the same Stourton and the intro and the outro the show for like eighty seven years so we decided to just crop it give me more time to speak and Yap we'll figure out the close right until you can hug your children because I know I missed it yesterday I knew I was going to miss it might did but we'll figure it out by the end of today hope you're having a good day ladies and gentlemen this is a show but we call it serious talk about you and we say about your money that's the moniker but it's really about you with everything that affects you what involves your money but it's really about jobs employments condition of the economy the market your money in relation to and all that stuff we our goal every day is to guide you through the market we are the best technicians in the world we are not making that up that is not hyperbole we've been doing this show for ever and we do it live and when we tell you things like oil in a bear market and it's going for eighteen months commodities in a bear market eighteen months R. V. right at the top saying the complexion changing here and then the next day the market breaks and we let you know about that break what we tell you one March twenty third that we think a lot was being put in and now recently a higher low it's in real time yesterday on the show in real time in the one o'clock hour with the nasdaq was up a hundred and fifty and we told you yesterday in that hour before the close we're worried about the nasdaq for today it just feels like it doesn't have a relative strength and that may not augur well for the market the Dow was down nine hundred points from the high nasdaq finished down now yesterday has nothing to do with today and in this market that's the nature of the beast why because we are the most news driven environment ever so it's a lot tougher for us but when all is said and done big picture all we want to do is get the big picture which is not easy right now the New York governor Cuomo came out a few minutes ago and said we're bending the curve never thought we have the hope and hear those words so you saying things are better in New York if things are better in New York that means it's gonna be better elsewhere because it's the most dense the US state city New York City in the country Italy is doing the same other areas the same China tells us they're good and what if we wake up tomorrow and that changes you know this is the things we got to deal with but when all is said and done market to play themselves out and all we look to do is have a little anxious we don't be big catches the big catches comp just one edge what's leading what's lacking what to avoid what to be involved in and then sometimes we will tell you we have a zero edge we've told you that on several occasions over the last a couple of weeks we don't have an edge today this week market caps up nine hundred the last couple of minutes goes up another five hundred finishes up fifteen hundred on Friday yesterday we gap up nine hundred we finished down today we gap up three hundred within moments were flat and now as I speak with back up five hundred how do you play all that beats the living crap out of us but we what we want to do that is the trees we want to get the force correct we're gonna talk about that today and we're also gonna talk about Marxist socialist commie Bernie Sanders just put them out of the presidential race the very weirdly not giving up as delegates I don't know what that means there's no way he's going to run as an independent he would tell Biden if he does are we gonna rip the stuff things off of Bernie Sanders before the show ends.

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