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From the Premier League? I would have to say this is all right. So I'm gonna serve manager Arsene Wenger's, my dream dream, sir. Alex is mine. No imagine having wine like a little vino little like little vino with Wang or and ceramics God. I just want. I wouldn't even talk. I'd be like I'd be like you guys talk. I want to hear what you guys say. I would not like we'd sit down at a dinner for three hours. I'd be like talked teach me everything tell me about the clash and their thousands. Just like like, I was like talk about William Faulkner talk about shakes just like sit there and listen to them philosophize about James Joyce shit. All right. The next question comes from Anthony show. He says are this much wetter. Atlanta score podcasts are Crystal Palace. The new stoke on a cold rainy night. Ooh. A shot at you Martin. No. That's actually a pretty good point. Though is is is Crystal Palace. The new gritty team the beat. Yes. I would say, yes. Because they have taken it to arsenal. And chelsea. And and mentioned none did so. Yeah. A cold rainy night in London. Yeah. I think Chris palaces that new like dog team. They used to be a team where he'd be like up there probably gonna get relegated. Now, they're just that late. Like, they're they're kind of like that person at work. You don't want to run into where you're like fuck we're about to have a long conversation. I'm not going to get out of. And you're kind of stuck. You're just like. Well, this is happening. It said because I know exactly who you're talking. No, we're not going to mention. Next question comes from our Instagram. The first one is her Mark Waugh Raqi says, I know y'all are more Premier League based. But can I forgot marks Virginia? He's he's he's from Virginia. The y'all and y'all, but can we talk about why is buyer Munich struggling so much season? Brooklyn is wanna come bound that because our Carreira three asked the same kind of the same question. He said I knew guys mainly prime. But can you talk about what the fuck is going on Meyer? He's a little bit more aggressive. I was watching at work and yelled out son of a bitch when they shit the bed again. I think we address that earlier buyer Munich. It's just old I feel like they really don't have an identity. I think they've been dislike relying way too heavily on their name itself in their brand. And honestly, I think the players have such just like have gotten such big heads like, oh, we can take anyone we're buyer Munich, and they're not emulating buyer meetings to me during the con- this Weinstein that the Philip lobs. There's no leader who's the captain. I don't even know what the captain is anymore of by Munich do. It's I think it's mother is it molar. I think You the from the start. start. Uneven story. Like, I don't know. Like, I don't know who the face of. This is Linda douse key who just got us fifty of Champions League goal this year. I guess, but he's also kind of like becomes a ghost in like. And he's one of the best strikers of all time. Yeah. It's. So. Yeah, that that is our podcast guys. Thank you so much for chiming end. The latter backtra tonight more. Get fucked up Martin are you ready to go get fucked up. I think it's about that time. All right. Well, thank you guys were hanging out. And we love you. Sometimes..

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