4 dead, unknown suspects at large after 10 people shot at California football watch party


Police are still searching today for total gun man they say killed four people and wounded six others at a football watch party in Fresno Sunday night officials say they think they're shooting targeted members of the city is among community KCRW's Kelly wells has details Fresno police called it a targeted act of violence against among community the two suspects entered the backyard through an unlocked gate and shot ten people before fleeing all four people killed were Fresno residents one of them was twenty three year old ji Li a well known singer in the monk community who has racked up millions of views on YouTube now the city is creating a task force to handle the increased violence against Fresno southeast Asian residents in the uptake in violent gang activity there witnesses say it was too dark to see the suspects behind the flashes of light from the firing gun both shooters are still at large KCRW's Kellie

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