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Dot com. Steve White Steve. Good morning How we doing? Wow. I'm doing well. Carnage and You got that, right? How else can you explain what happened to both Green Bay and Tennessee yesterday? Yeah. How about that? They've taken apart. I mean, it lives up to the old adage of on any given Sunday, But I tell you this ta beside that kind of being a legitimate cliche. When you go to these games now, when there's no fans, or there's barely any fans in the stadium, the energy for some of these teams that are favor, you know, you think that could work. They just might not hat. I mean, this is where you see that they had supported everything sometimes puts them over the top. So Look, they got taken apart. The Vikings ran all over the Packers. I don't think tennis team and ready for the Bangles and they got caught. Do you think that's the reason The Saints just don't seem like the Saints this year? Why do you know it's interesting? D A. I I I have spoken to so many people. And saying when the Saints play at home. They just seem like they just don't have the same energy and again. New Orleans, along with Seattle, Kansas City have Fanbases that really could these guys over the top? Sometimes the energy in the stadium is incredible, but I do think That absolutely plays a role. Remember a couple weeks ago, Sean Payton threatened to try to get the team player but L s human Baton Rouge, where they could have stands in and out towards the end. And in the city of New Orleans. Acquiescence said. Okay, you can have 3 to 5000 fans or whatever that number was in the Superdome. And you know all of a sudden I think for the SUV, and you went away, But I do think the sand fan element of it absolutely plays into this Steve, which could be seen Monday's checking out the aftermath today. 3 P.m. Eastern Time NFL network alongside Red Lewis, Michael Silver, Daniel Jeremiah, They break it all down, recapping all the action from Sunday. I'll preview Also tonight's Bucks and Giants Monday night football game. The Dolphins have done this so quickly. At the beginning of last year, they were getting shellacked by every team they played. By the end of last year, they were competitive. And now this year, they did what they just did yesterday to the Los Angeles Rams. What's been the key ingredient to turn it around so dramatically. Well, I was at the game yesterday in Miami when they beat the Rams, but the larger The answer to your question is last year. This time they were carrying this team down right there were stripping it of talent. Everybody was wondering what Brian floors in Chris career the general manager we're doing like what was the blueprint. By the end of the season. They had a certain group of players. They're in a certain culture that they were Almost getting established where if you play hard, and you do things a certain way, you're gonna get victory. So now they've got better talent, Not great talent. They still need a lot of playmakers. They've got the offense of wine issues. I've got a fix. But now they've established a culture. You know, talking title my Kasicky before the game. We should We bought in. That's why, when the change was made from Fitzpatrick to to, uh Yeah, we felt for Fitz, but we're so bought in and we believe in what Brian forces doing here. That, you know, we know we have to go out. We have to play to the best of our ability and do what we've done to make us competitive. So this is a true culture shift again. They still be talent. But this is one of the you know the better. Coaching jobs, environmental type of ships. We've seen pro sports in a long time. That's a great anecdote about Kasicky. The Bills are trying to do the same thing to try to get over the hump win this division. They've been everybody's been pounded the eighth Sies forever by the Patriots. You give the bills credit because they found a way to get a w Where do you worry that it should have it easier against such a Such a reeling Patriots team. You know, you can never. I've covered this league long in FDA, You'd never say you have an easy win in the NFL kind of goes back on the earlier point. The talent line between most teams is very comparable. Right, usually win or lose because of turnovers, Poor quarterback play dumb coaching decision and so with the bills. That's a tough winter. I mean, it's a division team division games are always a lot more competitive. Um, I don't think you know I don't And I also don't think the bills you're the type of team they're gonna dominate. Anybody. They play a certain type of football, which typically going to be competitive. You see almost all of their games or close. And you know, they just got enough talent and wherewithal to win. Steve Wyche is also the co host of huddle and Flow, which is a cool, cool podcast. You gotta check it out with Jim Trotter. Those guys go back a long way. They do really cool off the field issues as well and talk about all the things happening around the NFL. Huddling flow drops Tuesdays that's available. All places. Podcasts are downloaded. In the A F. C Yesterday. The big One was Ravens and Steelers and the Ravens have two losses on the seas. That could be to the two best teams in football. The Chiefs of the Steelers. Does it make you believe that the Ravens are good, but not great because they can't beat the great teams. Well, you know, when I watch the Steelers game? Yes, you That was turnovers. I mean, because you know they did control a lot of that game..

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