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Welcome back Blackhawks leading the biggest gold knights by a score of 2 to 1. After one period of playtime for first period discussion. We had down the hallway to the Wintrust Blackhawks broadcast booth for a few minutes with primary good overall periods just to heat to see that one goal at the end. Get away from them because they had some good vibes going after Alex to bring Kim made it two to nothing would have been nice if they got out of that period to nothing, but you know, you'll take 2 to 1. It's a good start to this game. I thought Cory looked really good. Vegas had some good opportunities, but the Blackhawks created some good pressure offensively when they had it in the zone. Robin Leonard. I still think he looks a little bit shaky right now. I think you should really test him and have that mindset. He's leaving some rebounds. The one thing that I had as faras criticism when he was playing for the Blackhawks is he's a big goaltender. And a lot of times he doesn't absorb poxy blocks Puck. So there's a lot of loose pucks around the blue paint area in a few. Have that willingness to get in there against a big Vegas defense. You're going to get opportunities, just like Jonathan tapes did on his goal. Well, first we're talking about only model. A lot is counter Murphy spending some time with Danny Savard. What a movie There has set up that second goal. I've never seen that in his reference his repertoire there, that's for sure. It was a great play, though, Do you mean There's no other way that he could've spun away from that high forward for Vegas, and I'm sure that the Vegas player problems like Whoa, What was that on golf? A sudden it opened up a quick two on one download. Dylan Strome Nice little Passover to break and all she had to do is tap it in to the wide open. That's so Could play all around. Nice play by Brandon Saad, who I thought had an excellent period in that 1st. 20 minutes. If you look at Brandon Sodhi's plus two, we had an assist three shots on goal, which Tight, Alex to break it three and three of those six chart of six shots coming up out of the Blackhawks 10 in the first period. So Brandon Saad, starting that playoff into the offensive zone, turning it up getting it Connor Murphy with good, hard, Chris Pass and allowing him to make that play. Quick. Thought here before we let you cut you loose on the on the lineup move made today Alex Neal and her out. And once again, Jeremy turning to John Quinn Ville Teo to fill that wrote one roster spot up front. Well, you could only wait so long for a player to show something in the playoffs and for Alex. Knee Lander 8.5 minutes last game. 11 shots in the in the eight games. So far, no points. No shots in the last game minus for he just hasn't added anything to the equation. So get somebody in there who's going to do some little things right? The lander is not a strong defensive player. Quenneville can make those type of place. He's a better board player type of guy than the knee. Lander isn't And for Neil and ER, I think it's got to be very disappointing. And I hope he understands that he needs to be way better than what he has shown here. And I think for Jeremy, call it in. He had a long fuse on this one. Gave him a lot of leniency as faras ice time and and games in this playoff series, But you just can't wait forever to have somebody show up and make some plays and do what he's supposed to do when Bill for 44 of ice time with a couple of hits and a couple of blocks, shots as well, some of those last when he played the one game, he only played over six minutes, but they had chased that game. So they kind of had to shorten the bench a little bit. I don't know how much offensive Input he's goingto have into the lineup, but he does all the little things right. So as long as you're in a position where you're tied, or you're in the lead, Quentin was going to get a regular shift. I would think all right second period on its way. We'll let you rest up. Get some grub as well. We'll come back with first period highlights. Next down 7 20 w G N good things come in Threes. Three pointers, Triple.

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