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Bucks of the of the three and that's that's on facebook and instagram. That's not even where else you've posted right which is also also on Youtube and like that's part of the the thing is once you get out of your own lane and what I've always loved about Corey is that he knows where his specialty Solti lies and he's not afraid to partner with videographers with photographers and bring them into his space. But then ask Derek and I to buy into that. Yeah because it's going to help him create those media assets that allows him to post it on different platforms to get exponential engagement right then you would just off of that one piece of content right totally. Yeah and I think it's important to work with feel for if you're a business owner in you don't do video and you want to start start doing video. Just look around and asked locally in shop out some different video For options I probably work with three to four different video offers and you we have Bryan. Who's WHO's our main go-to Guy Valley farm? But I'm working with a couple of other video offers. One can fly a drone you know everyone has their own specialty. Casualties one They're hyper lap stuff in. We ran a a hyper lapse video. They did really well last last year. Holidays for Valley Farm. esus those those little the pieces of content that really capture your attention and I think it's cool. It's easy to take a photo of something and post it but if you can bring that photo to life via via video I think that's really cool distraught. Drop People's attention and I think one thing that I don't WanNa overlook to for Derek and I and it's incredible to get asked to go to local news and to promote an event or to promote a charity. Whatever you're doing but when you add the component of live TV very rarely are you going to get the amount of engagement once? We started asking corey to come and film literally behind the scenes of them shooting reading that what happened. You just get you get so many people to watch stat winner. I never they want. Yeah and it's something that you could even send to other news stations that show that you've gone there and you know you have that social presence so you know from news standpoint if you're Fox five you'll we're tagging. We're tagging the shit out of view just to promote that we're going to be there and not many other people do that so it kind of goes both ways. It's nice for other news channels because then they get to share share the assets and creating a tiffany from canton be. She loves his amazing. She lets. She's always asking us for our photos when it's like well. Shouldn't you guys have your own photographer. I kind of helped him out with that. I think that's part of the cool world that is changing and old media new medias that we're all learning yeah like if you're a business that's not learning or not asking for help or not bringing in people that are experts. I mean we blew vision entertainment. We have Erin and Brandon here. They have a time lapse video. Stover's produced this podcast. He's in Oregon. You have to ask for help and you know you have to ask for help because once you you do I mean look at this village I mean just in this amount of time Derek and I have not instructed anyone where to park. We've not instructed anyone where to put their sidewalls also. We haven't checked anyone's meat inspection. I mean literally we've been up here bullshitting on stage and the villages taking care of itself but again you no with that came ten years. That's true so don't didn't have an overdose just happen overnight. But it's it's good another that's what it can be. That's That's your goal right is to you know in any business you have a you. Don't want a job you want you on a business. So that's kind of how we approach. This is is to have an event that it's not just work. It's allows us to do what we want to do with the hospitality and all that stuff. So I think that the turn out out of this being the tenth annual it you know I think it kind of encapsulates. The thought of good things. Don't just happen overnight. It takes ten years to build up slowing. Yeah exactly but if you're wanting to start video or you're wanting to start marketing and social media don't expect to see a huge return in the next month it's GonNa take a while and I know that for endemic standpoint when I first started. He's like okay. Spend this amount of money. What am I seeing back the little bit longer? It's a slow process but eventually patients in the now now he's he's buying in. Yeah Sean Obviously Bison but it takes it takes a while for for the momentum to start going and once it's going. It's kind of a snowball effect for sure. You're so corey. Tell let our listeners. A little bit about your company in the launch a company called wavefront marketing away. Front just kind of comes from my love of the ocean so waves and either a partner Caitlin who lives in Arizona who kind of brainstormed the the name But Yeah We. Can you just love helping other business owners on online whether it's facebook instagram website. We have On Kyle who does websites Pflueger cow. Shout out to Kyle Suhel Kelly. Barbecue dot media was ascherman mastermind. I mean the guys can the amount of business he's GonNa have for the next forever. He's GonNa have to teach US kids how to add do this because he's an mobile first. I if we just looked at the statistics from the last week of traffic since we've switched over we're at seventy five percent mobile traffic to the site and its mobile first. So everything's designed for the user to literally by Barbecue online by catering online book a table. which goes to yell? No wait. It's very exciting. What he's is down? That's great yeah. Kyle's great we have Bryan. WHO's my Go-to Viagra? For and currently working on expanding the team video offers right now We have some photographers that we work with as well for some of the clients and Yeah we have eric who does graphic design so oh really as a business owner if you need something in the digital marketing realm we we look to be the one stop shop for my company. And Yeah we're we're leaving the process on agency agency A. We're we're more of a team like the I've worked for agencies and having always loved the mindset. Where are you over over? Promised and under under delivery they try and take on as many clients as possible just to get the money and I love that and I've I've grown up playing sports my whole life so I look at it as more of a team effort so yeah I'm growing my team and you know I can't thank you guys enough. We're we're so excited to watch you go out and continue to help. Business owners create their digital presence. Because I mean that's essentially the essence of this podcast and you know it's from the online world to the offline world and you have to have a blend of both of those together and you know were are you know thank you derrick. Honestly from the bottom of my heart for literally not only buying in but being all in the teamster instead we now each have and share To put these events on in our special events team when we're here three three in the morning it's you know we see faces uses that we see twice a year. I mean we see him but when we see them it's like we just saw him and you know it's Barbecue Week and you know it's go time and it's just an eclectic group of individuals rituals that they they care about the community. They care about the cause more than themselves then again. I wouldn't want any other way. It's been amazing as in been a great journey and Exciting to see what the future holds for sure so yeah. Thank you guys for listening to this episode. We're going to get some behind the scenes footage with with a blue vision talking to some of the teams getting some more of the action and giving smarr tips on how you can put on a festival of your own. If you're crazy do not follow us. Follow US tag. Let us know what's up until next week. Thanks guys.

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