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I'm not sure what you want me to respond to that. I mean well i guess. Original question is invisible college at g. Believe there is such thing. Well there are certainly. There's a network of people who already have a fairly well defined set of assumptions and intellectual projects and questions that they're addressing and sure. There's there's a subset of people more or less officially in parapsychology or who have been over the past three or four five six decades and their projects. They work on between them. That's what you have in mind. And of course they're they're not bound by the Constraints of University life and university life has become increasingly rigid and Unsavory in fact. I would say okay and do you might not agree with us at all. Which is kinda fine but I think we're talking about something different here. we're talking about. How often russell targ in there. You know anyone. I was for my people. You can go watch videos of them testing quote unquote early geller. Right and they're testing midst answered research institute and he's exhibiting in credible esp powers. Or whatever you wanna call it psi abilities so the point being that. This is all denied right. These guys are doing this in the seventies and ted koppel's doing nightline news reports but in general. The response was that isn't happening. That isn't real. That couldn't possibly be true. And i don't think that's accidental. I think that's again. I think the parallels to the ufo community. I think there's disinformation there's coopting. There's you know criticizing than there's controlling the thing but there's obviously people in our government who are interested in that are pursuing it in a way that is in direct contradiction to what is being reported by academia whether they know it or not yes and i don't know why it's being suppressed at the federal level if assuming that it is. I think the reasons may be different for for the situation. Because i think a lot of people would argue that If word gets out about having been visited or in contact with extraterrestrials that the public just wouldn't be able to handle it. I don't think that information about science phenomenon is being withheld because the public couldn't handle it because it's been out there in the public for a long time. I m maybe we ought to just move off that. But i you know i won't move off of that completely because i'll show you another interview that i did that. I thought was really really interesting to me. And that's guy. I really pissed off but Fema who was The head of the stargate program for ten years and very very anti In my interview with them. Anti parapsychology anti It being anything other than materialistic science and one of the most curious things about that interview for me is he wanted to correct me about the experience of joe mc monocle and i had to say ed what are you talking about the transcript of the interview. The guy gave me it was connected to his near death experience. That's what he was told his secret personnel file. They pulled the raymond moody book out of there. And he was just like doesn't couldn't have anything to do with Near-death experience or anything quote unquote spiritual..

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