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To ban thin plastic bags across new york state for environmental reasons is getting criticism from an unlikely source environmentalists as because the bill would not prohibit retailers from giving away paper bags which aren't much better for the environment or thicker reusable plastic bags city councilman brad lander spoke on wnyc's brian lehrer show everyone likes a ban it sounds better we'd all like to get something for nothing save the earth without doing anything what we really need to do we want to reduce single use carryout bag ways is start giving people an incentive to bring reusable bags to the grocery store earlier this year to democratic state senators proposed banning plastic bags and adding a ten cent fee to all other carryout bags a jersey city berlin show that was shut down by ficials for being too obscene will reopen the performer who goes by the name lillian bustle says she received a letter from the city that it's reconsidered its action and now finds the show has quote serious artistic or political merit but bustle will have to wear a bit more clothing state regulations don't allow dancers to wear pasties in establishments that serve liquor for the rest of this afternoon it'll be pretty rainy through the day areas of fog through the day as well on your fifty nine degrees could be a little windy today as well we could see gusts up to twenty six miles an hour for tonight we could see some more rain about a fifty percent chance of more showers after eleven o'clock tonight it'll continue to be foggy tonight otherwise cloudy skies overnight low around fifty one tomorrow we're looking at mostly sunny skies the high reaching sixty seven degrees in the afternoon it's fifty seven cloudy right now in central park at one zero six support for npr comes from the financial services firm of raymond james offering personalized wealth management advice and banking and capital markets expertise along with a legacy of putting clients financial wellbeing i learn more at raymond james dot.

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