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At thanks Don we're seeing delays through east Boston tonight the Ted Williams tunnel westbound backed up. Inside from an earlier crash inside and at this point delays. Reach back towards Logan airport and the the. Sumner tunnel. Zone backed up at the, other tolls as well as folks try. To avoid the Ted Williams tunnel but again the crashes. Cleared hopefully these delays through. East Boston will lease out, shortly elsewhere downtown things are good the lower deck's wide open so. Is the Leverett down ramp the Tobin bridge. Storrow drive they're all good route three south now is backing up very quickly through Duxbury it's roadwork. Setting up I route fourteen the expressway's. Okay so is one twenty eight between western and Braintree mass Pike's, okay now it's good l. towards forty five. And things are okay up north route, ones wide open so is ninety three. And that upper end of one Twenty-eight Mike king WBZ's twenty four hour traffic. Network Dave Bowers now with the four. Day, WBZ AccuWeather, forecast partly to mostly cloudy Tonight a. Low of sixty three getting, into the fifties and submit land suburbs They'll be areas of fog in. Spotty drizzle. Later tonight into tomorrow warning especially from. Boston on south and east later tomorrow clouds breaks the sun behind seventy, four then tomorrow, night humid, with a, couple of showers later low sixty seven Wednesday variable cloudiness breezy humid cold. Front moving through with a couple, of showers and a. Thunderstorm high eighty one and in the, wake of that. It's nice on. Thursday good deal is sunshine with low humidity high seventy eight I'm AccuWeather. Meteorologist Dave Bowers WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty partly cloudy seventy right now in.

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