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Joey gallo is the first player in majorly history to arrive at fifty career home runs before he arrived at fifty career singles no man fist pump from jero baseball fan extraordinaire all right that gets the status big gonna real salute there that is the change of the game right there the rangers giant guy who goes up there and every time he acts he does so pornographic and you can shift on him but unless you put your outfield on each other shoulders and just shit he's not hitting the ships are amazing everyone's just on the first base line all the catcher and everyone else everybody's just on the first because his guys gonna yank it right out of the stadium or head back to the dugout with yet another for strikeout game yeah love it that isn't great stat of the day right there all right it's worthy i want ours normally aren't speaking of baseball did you see what happened here this one rare you do not see this one very often a rare benched white non hustler really benched by a guy who's not white so dave roberts benches cody bellinger for not hustling pulls him out in the middle of a game rookie of the year and here's what he benched him onto got he benched him for a mere double that he thought should have been a triple 'cause cody bellinger hitter four hundred twenty three feet and maybe thought it was going out of the park bellinger now i get i guess.

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