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Avoid it maybe ninety First Avenue that Thomas was the sentry got a crash there also Hayden at Thomas we have an accident involving a bicyclist I'm Larry Lewis K. T. A. R. news KKR whether the valley cloudy to partly cloudy skies through tomorrow today's size seventy two tonight slow fifty to back up to seventy two tomorrow but with a ten percent chance of rain rain chance bumps up to thirty percent Sunday the high sixty eight then a twenty percent rain chance and sixty seven for the high on Monday we'll have sunshine in sixty nine for the high Tuesday overnight lows in the forties and fifties weather brought to you by Howard air whether replace or repair call Howard Air it's twelve oh wait time now to get a look at your body from the KTA our business center from ABC news Wall Street now stocks have soared today writing on a jobs report that easily beat analysts' expectations late in the morning the Dow Jones was up more than three hundred points the nasdaq composite was eighty one point ahead the S. and P. five hundred had advanced twenty nine specifics on the employment numbers non farm payrolls search by two hundred sixty six thousand in November unemployment fell to three and a half percent the jobs growth last month was the best since January is three hundred twelve thousand the same labor report that sent stock I what has driven down gold futures the data provided support for the dollar pushed up U. S. treasury yields and reduce the chance that the federal reserve would cut interest rates February gold fell to seventeen dollars seventy cents Ford Motor Company is recalling nearly two hundred sixty two thousand heavy duty pickup trucks in the US and Canada because the tail gates can drop open unexpectedly the recall covers truck from the twenty seventeen through twenty nineteen model years that have electric tail gate latch release which is in the tail gate handle Jim Ryan ABC news and checking the latest numbers on Wall Street right now the Dow Jones industrials up three hundred thirty five points the nasdaq is up eighty eight and the S. and P. five hundred is up thirty points for more money news visit the KTA our business center at KTAR dot com or five minutes away from Dave Ramsey down from Arizona's morning news Jim sharp joins us with a sharper point presented by Schwartz laser eye center Senna bringing some potential good news for the holiday I'm not gonna lie I didn't expect it would come from the Arizona corporation commission but a CC chairman Bob burns told KTAR they're considering the possibility of opening up.

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