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And Bloomberg calm on the Bloomberg business APP and at Bloomberg Quick Take this is Bloomberg Radio. have died in the United States from Corona virus. Johns Hopkins University researchers say there have been over 20 million covert 19 cases in the U. S worldwide. There have been over 84 million cases and 1.8 million deaths, Federal health officials say over 4.2 million Americans have received their first dose of covert 19 vaccine. The CDC is coded data tracker shows just over 13 million doses have been distributed nationwide that includes more than two million doses sent for use in long term care facilities. New York State surpasses one million cases of covert 19 David Folk, Thomas Reports. Governor Cuomo, releasing the latest coronavirus figure Saturday afternoon of the more than 200,000 tests reported Friday, just over 15,000 coming back positive, and that was enough to push the overall number of cases since the pandemic began past the seven figure milestone. The positivity rate Friday was 7.45%, and there were 120 Virus related deaths. New York is the fourth state with more than one million cases, joining California, Texas and Florida. Investigators say the Nashville bomber mailed packages to friends before the Christmas Day blast. Tennesseean reports. The FBI is studying those materials, the report says. Packages were mailed to several acquaintances around the country. With Anthony Warner's outlook on Life. Special Agent Jason Pack says the items in the package is espouse his viewpoints. Warner blew himself up inside an RV packed full of explosive material. Early Christmas morning nearing a TNT switching Cub, Mobile and Internet systems in five states were disrupted. I'm Cameron Fairchild. Some Americans are sending requests to Mitch McConnell's online accounts asking for $2000, the Senate majority leader, blocked a bill that would increase the stimulus checks from $602,000. Twitter. Users claim they are using Venmo and PayPal to demand money from the Kentucky Republican and posting Screenshots. One person tweeted the economy won't exist of every American dies from this pandemic. On Venmo. The user at Mitch McConnell changed the name to please stop sending requests. I'm at Madison. More states could legalize marijuana in the coming year. Sarah Bartlett has that story. Seven more states could join the list of 34 states that currently have legalized pot for either medical or recreational use. New York and Connecticut. Both had legalization efforts underway in early 2020, but put them on hold when the cove in 19 pandemic hit. Governors in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Mexico and Virginia have all voiced support for legalization. In Texas. Several marijuana bills will be taken up when the state legislature reconvenes this month in North Texas Judge is the suspect in the vandalism of a segregation era sign. Leslie bold reports. A video posted to YouTube shows Ellis County Judge Todd Little telling another man to spray paint over a sign which used to hang over a water fountain reserved for black residents. Ellis County Commissioner Lane Grayson said the sign was left as a reminder of a place we should never go again. The court filing says The spray painting was an attempt to obliterate historic segregation era signage and that little had a legal duty to prevent the vandalism and investigation is now under Way. A zoo in Belgium welcomes a new addition to their primate family. The Antwerp Zoo released a new year's day video showing a female bonobo holding her baby. I'm Cameron Fairchild. And I'm Susanna Palmer. In the Bloomberg News Room. Governor Andrew Cuomo was asking New York to keep up the work to stop the spread of covert 19. He shared pre recorded remarks that Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York City today. Homo says, wear a mask and get the vaccine and he again vowed to make sure distribution of the vaccine is equal. Cuomo said he has no plans on getting the vaccine himself until it is available for black, Hispanic and poor communities around the state. Almost a 70 to 90% of New Yorkers need to be vaccinated for to be effective as covert rates continue to sword nationwide, and the vaccine rollout has been sluggish, Dr Anthony Fauci said. If the smallpox vaccine of the forties could get done, this certainly should be able to be done too. New York City in March and April of 1947 vaccinated 6,350,000 people, five million of which they get in two weeks. I was a six year old boy who was one of those who got vaccinated. So if New York City conduced five million in two weeks, the United States could do a million a day. Out. She was speaking there on a bee sees this week. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said tougher measures will probably be needed to combat the pandemic, including school closures in an interview with the BBC's Andrew Marr today Johnson didn't elaborate on what kind of additional measures might be needed. The NYPD says a bat wielding man injured multiple people yesterday in a trail of destruction across Manhattan, allegedly knocking at least one unconscious, breaking bones and crashing one of two vehicles that he car jacked. Post reports. The attacks started in a subway station in Tribeca at about 7 P.m. last night and stretched to dozens of blocks before ending on the West Side highway. Almost two hours later, the suspect, identified as 43 year old Brian Thompson, was finally pulled over and arrested after being tased by police. Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg Quick take powered by more than 2700, journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer, this is Bloomberg. This is master's in business with very riddles on Bloomberg Radio. My special guest this week is Dave Welling. He is the CEO of Mercer Advisers. Denver based aura with 400 employees and over $21 billion in assets under management. Dave Welling Welcome to Bloomberg. Barry, It's great to be here, looking forward to it. So you have a really interesting job history that I want to discuss before we start getting into the details of welling you were in advance. You weren't black Diamond, Charles Schwab, Bain and Company tell us a little bit about your career path. Sure. So, Yeah, I think is you're getting at very young. Maybe not the traditional head of an advisory firm because I didn't start as an advisor. But I've spent close the last 30 years of my life supporting enabling, And as I call it Clearing the path for advisors. So I was very, very fortunate back in the mid nineties to join Charles Schwab in a really unique role an opportunity. I joined his Chief of staff, which was completely made up job for one of the vice chairman running the adviser business in the four awake a business, I'd say The chance to review with Chuck is part of the job. So, boy you know, talk about lucky is a way to enter this industry and do it the right way and learn the right principles. You know how to have a chance to work down the hall from shock and learned from him, But that was 1997 And prior to that I had some experiences, but they were in management consulting and like a lot of management consultant site, I dabbled in a lot of industries that worked in Telco. I worked in consumer products I worked in Technology at work in across the board actually work in the private equity consulting practice of Bain and company and well, that was an awesome experience and a great foundation for learning business. That role I found myself really longing. Find an industry that had a real purpose and the find a company and a place of that industry where you could really ended eight and trouble came that place for me at the beginning of my career, obviously of ups had some other stops along the way and I'm sure we'll get talk about those but really lucky has spent 12 years of swab through the growth and evolution of that business and to find the independent advisor industry on I just fell in love with it. So you you had gone from Bane to Schwab. And after 12 years of Schwab, you left to go to black Diamond, which seems to be Like a much more technologically focused, less straight up wealth management company than Schwab. What was that transition like? And did I miss state that it sounds like they're too Very different companies in a similar field. Well, yeah, black diamond for those that don't know. It's a technology provider, most notably, and Web based cloud based development. Providing reporting to advisers help them tell their stories, whether they were managing portfolios or providing a broader wealth management offering like Mercer Advisors does on in get similar to the story about financial services..

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