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The rest i know i won't be living under a bridge somewhere but still it's it's a scary thing she was told today she may be visited by july first one of about thirty seven thousand people in the state who will lose their medicaid eligibility if the state does a balance its budget is no one knows where they're going jim tucker overseas twelve nursing homes in louisiana eight hundred of his patients could be told the lease this has the potential to scare the hell of a lot of people has the potential to kill people i'm not hearing anybody bydesign this is not a tactic that's the governor john bel edwards culture so catastrophic we shouldn't contemplate them but as we sit here the legislature has failed to act in fiscal session last year and in a special session this year republican j cameron henry is head of the appropriations committee in the louisiana house gop one from the governor is a budget that is sustainable long term to not have to come back every year we scared tactics to say henry told us republicans may be willing to pass a tax the governor wants but it would be another bandaid on the state's long longterm financial wound i wonder what you tell the governor and the legislators are debating whether or not to make these cuts i never thought would be ever taken away i thought it was here forever louisiana has never before sent out warning notices like this but it's required to do it by law if it's going to cut the medicaid program now here's the catch the federal government needs to approve these cuts to medicare medicaid at the state level jeff if the feds say no the louisiana's got to find another option regimen having your parents or grandparents in that situation david louisiana thank you still ahead here it's not a shortage.

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