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Show mental little people. Anyway, didn't Meghan McCain his rights back to her. You are at my wedding. Denise. God. God. That out clapback. With the kids. Class right back. Launch here and a Meghan shady tree. And this book comes out next week about the view, we're slowly getting all of these leaks. I always feel bad for the author. When all these excerpts come out because people think oh, I don't need to read the book read everything in vaulter page six or read the juicy tidbits, maybe all the juicy maybe we'll get more juicy tidbits of Beatles scrolling through all the people who have been involved with the view over the past twenty one years. It's like, oh, yeah. Let's not forget about star Jones. Let's yeah. Laird is VERA. Yes. Absolutely. So I think that like some of these tidbits from this book about the view are really salacious. And of course, they're trying to pick our interest by the book. But I actually think it will be a really interesting TV history. Say that Brian Stelter is book top of the morning, which is there Reese Witherspoon is loosely basing that on his inside view of what it's like to produce a warning TV show tavern out of be feeling pretty good. He's at ABC Bill Getty's, Barbara Walters. Executive producer for all those years ex VP in her show. Do very well. Oh, yeah. And they just debuted the first trailer for it and only dead. Yeah. It's out there on social media. I think but I she's gonna have a hit on her hands NBC again, they screwed up Natalie. Morales hasn't been on access. Hollywood are weak. Philip in the promo, and I know she's kids could be on spring break. A lot of people are in spring break. Kelly representing Kelly represents spring break. Lisa Wren is filling in for. She's really quite good. I still can't believe that access. Hollywood is going to go with Mario Lopez their whole that is such a mistake. NBC news just making one mistake after another after another after another. Yeah, I did see him once in public. He was leaving a massage place overly..

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