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Subscribe on Apple podcasts. Spotify and anywhere else. Podcasts are found. Remember it's just business. It's nothing personal free agency. Starting soon as we mentioned earlier in the show March eighteenth four. Pm teams can actually out signings the signings and the wide receiver classes fascinating Jj. Because I think mostly because it sort of matches up with the draft class. This is a loaded wide receiver draft class studs and studs and studs. Nobody that's like necessary. I I like I tend to think see lamb and Jerry. Judy can be. I don't want to call them like Julio Jones. Aj Green types. Because that I think does a disservice to really any young player coming to the League to to compare them too borderline hall. Julio definitely the hall of fame. Aj Borderline Hall of fame to compare them to that type of player. But there's a great group of guys who look like they can be viable starters in the NFL out of the gate however they will have to compete with teams who resigned teams will have to decide. Do they want to ask somebody like that or do they want to size like? Aj Green should he make free agency? let's go through your top five wide receivers. Who's at number five number? Five number five. I have Randall COBB. Yes sorry I remember number five. I Have Randall. Cobb. Randall COBB. Of course coming off that season with the cowboys really difficult to see how they're going to be able to pay him And so as I was going through this and I thought to myself well thought. Where could he ended up? In fact I didn't think that's about self depot. Ask me where he could end up. I would have to tell you on your and some wanted to tell you that. I'm looking at an Indianapolis Colts a team. That was really struggling to throw the ball down the field last year. Now lot of that adds do of course which cover said. I understand that but I've never really been impressed with the wide receiving group that the colts have of course. They thought that they were going to have a few more options That did not work out with Devon punches. Who dealt with injury for most of the season. So Randall COBB. He's GONNA turn thirty before next season. He's at nine. Nfl seasons he had a eight hundred plus yards last year. I like him. What the colts and whoever their quarterback could be yes so it's interesting the question is would you rather have a guy like rental car bounced back nicely. Who Fits with the perfect slot style of of the modern? Nfl You've got three wide receiver sets etc etc. You can win outside and in some cases might be too old that now he's going to be thirty before the season starts or would you rather dabble in the shod. Perrin and sweepstakes and I might be inclined to agree with you. I like the PERSAD. Payment freaks me out like what? You're really like this Guy Ozzie. Newsome couldn't get this guy right and you're telling me that now like Jameis. Winston fixed him. I don't know if I'm buying it entirely woods. I would run away from shop Perriman. eighty might be fantastic human being but in terms of on the field play. I think that it was a flash in the pan how he sort of came on there in November and December for the bucks Certainly James with the five thousand passing yards sort of inflated his six hundred forty five receiving yards Paran- I just had issues for most of his career and I'm not willing to take a few weeks from last season. He's turned the corner. I kind of tend to agree with you. I wouldn't be opposed to like a one year not too pricey deal with precise payment but I would not want to make some big splash on that guy Given what's out there. It is interesting to this class offers. A lot of slot options like Geronimo. Alison is their Nelson Aguilar. Philip door set You can uh Devin funchess. Maybe didn't make the cut for. Jj surprise there. He's more of a tight end. Not a slot guy But then also demarcus Robinson who was very effective in Kansas City system. I think there's a lot of speed slack is out there so if I were if I were General Manager would probably at the top of the market. Do their own thing. Because I don't want to overpay for top of the market I would then sign a slack. If I got a young quarterback here I would sign a guy for agency at a lower cost and then go out and get by number one in theory in the in the draft. So that's probably why those guys didn't make the top five and I would tend to agree with you. Who's your number four on this list number four Robbie Anderson Levin love and coming off that season with the New York jets My best fit for him is the New York jets Because Gosh they really if they lose him. I don't know what they're gonNA do at the receiver position. They absolutely have to upgrade even by keeping him. They need to upgrade to upgrade that offensive line as well but seven hundred seventy nine receiving yards last season. He'll be twenty seven this upcoming year if enough teams and and if the jets WANNA mess around with this Joe. Douglas wants to mess around with us. He has been In conversations with with Robbie Anderson's representation if some teens get involved here and this is taken care of at the very started illegal tampering window or before. The price could go up on Robbie Anderson because of his age because of his speed because of what he did last season and then you can start approaching. Fourteen fifteen million dollars per year. I think the jets absolutely have to knock this out early and if they mess this up in some way if they decide not to bring him back. I'm looking at a place that he could go to looking at the Philadelphia Eagles who obviously could always use a upgrade. Their I the interesting seeing there may be some overlap there but the eagles need help it wide receiver. But I hope probably Anderson's faculty jets. I kinda liked that idea and I do think. There's a little bit of like say the Shaw Jackson to his game. That's an insult to the Sean Jackson as fast as to Sean Jackson Robbie interesting could be more of a position. He's he's more of a like he's a bigger body type of guy but who also possesses that deep speed. That might be complementary for the other pieces that eagles have so. I don't hate that idea. If I don't know how Roseman takes a deep dive a free. Hd but he's got cast a bird so maybe it happens a May I ask your number three is and then I started to say Emmanuel Sanders is your third wideout. He is my third wide out. And it's really just because age. He's GONNA turn thirty three. Where do I have him? The obviously he's not going to be in San Francisco. I initially till depot the Carolina Panthers and I said the Carolina Panthers because I'm not entirely sure the panthers are convinced. Honesty Smith is not convinced that they have a number one wide receiver they have DJ more. They have Curtis Sam. You hope that. Dj More is going to be that but what they seem to be lacking. Is that fantastic veteran presence in there and after I spent a lot of time will in the month of January with the San Francisco. Forty niners covering their postseason games. What I learned from a depot Samuel from kindred born was just how much manual sanders mentor. Those guys those young group of players coming up and how they were able to really improve their game early in their career after the trade for manual. Sanderson San Francisco did so I look at a team like the Carolina Panthers and I say. Oh those young guys could really benefit from a guy like Emmanuel Sanders however Emmanuel Sanders is kind of like Andrei Dala in in that like he elite should and probably only wants to play for a championship. Contender right. He's been with. The broncos just went to another super bowl and so we're talking about contenders we're talking about teams that need wide receivers. The New England Patriots is. They are trying to retain Tom Brady. That would be fantastic. Get sound radio. Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick said. Hey We got you Emmanuel Sanders and we got you this two or three year contract to finally finish your career in New England. What you say Tommy. Now that's great call. I think if you're the Patriots and this was the delicate line that they have to sort of walk with Tom Brady is. Can you go out into the mark like once we get to that noon at noon? It it's eleven fifty. Nine fifty nine on Monday can the Patriots manage in the span of about Let's see twelve thirty six hours. Thirty brought to us as a forty eight hours. Fifty two hours is probably right in fifty two hours. Can they manage to tamper their way into landing? Somebody like Mandal Sanders. Somebody like Hunter Henry and successfully like a- convinced Tom Brady to return if that's what they ultimately want their plan to be and if it is. I think that could be you know like. That's that's certainly a blueprint to having Tom. Brady back in New England. But I think you're going to have to get guys. Just beef up the receiving core for him if you want him to come back in my opinion all right the last two guys in this list that they're going to be the same for everybody. You could flip them if you want to Depending on your opinion of home and away splits for one guy in age for the other guy number two guy. Aj greed number. One Guy. Maury Cooper I beast I mean these are the first of all. There's a chance either. Guide makes it the free agency or Cooper could get transitioned franchise tag the transition tag depending on the CBA depending on what happens attack. Prescott's contract AJ Green. It does sound like the bengals franchise tag him but he throws a fit and says he's going to refuse to play for him then. Maybe that doesn't happen. What led you to stack these guys in this particular way. Jj Yes so I have AJ green at number two. Only because of agent injury concerns that He has missed something. Like twenty four the past twenty five games that the bengals have played due to injury So that is my issue with him. Amari Cooper last. We saw him was not getting the ball thrown as much his way as should have certainly against the Philadelphia Eagles. I felt that he still has it. Obviously he's young much younger than Aj. Green who I believe is turning thirty two this year. Amari Cooper is currently twenty five. He will be twenty six before the start of the season so If a Jake Reed were healthy he would be my number one with a bullet. No doubt about it on about his health and then So in terms of fits right We believe that. Aj agrees with the bengals eight. We'll extend the franchise tag if they do not then. I think that we can reignite the does job want to go to Cincinnati rumors and so just for the sake of argument. I through the raiders in there as a landing spot for A. J. Green. But of course I'm not putting too much effort into A. J. Green out to one of the thirty one other teams. He's going to Cincinnati. As far as Mark Cooper. I had no idea how the San Francisco Forty niners would do it in terms of contract and money but I have cooper going to the forty niners if he does not end up with the cowboys but again. They're the cowboys to do. Everything they can. To Keep Amari Cooper traded a first round pick for. It made a lot of sense. Not Not immediately when they made the trade form right..

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