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And really small ditz visual there. Yeah got him. He was my favorite uncle. He taught us how to masturbate. Actually he didn't touch. Is there anything like that. He just stood up in jerked off into the fire at this party. Really i wasn't gonna say anything his bardy. Sometimes you just gotta sit there and be a christian. Sporting event. Weird town man. Your uncle really jerk avenue fire. Well it's a mix of stories as my buddy's dad basically we come back from a dance and a buddy at touch some girls genitals after the dance and it was first time many of us had ever touched anybody's of women's genitals young and and my buddy's dad came out and literally i mean this is a little. He smelled my buddy's hand for like a long time and then masturbated into the fire once we went inside. So here's the about me beaten off into the fire. What is the thing. This is a lose lose proposition because first off. There's always a chance for pup- sange because you especially these logs poppers area of low water and there's a lumber another thing is is you're completely illuminated and it's probably the side of you that you'd rather have to be the dark side to side so you should always put your back to the fire when masturbating or i got. Maybe not even use fire at all but he masturbate a little crazy. yeah start off you know. Wean yourself off that campfires with one of those little cans one of those in the bathroom. Thank you know what i mean. Yeah maybe maybe a roadside flair. Eventually you'll be down to just holding a over your head like you're winger concept birthday candle eventually and you know you've heard a birthday. It's not just the one can. Yeah but still. It's just too risk it flares up at of kids parts. Yeah but yeah man this. This man is most frustrating thing in the world when they get those novelty candles that come back breath okay. Let me camp craft with this. The last time somebody somebody get him a water. What kind of fire was fire left. It was a dance and it was like our first dance and the girl had folks that come and pick her up. Just tweet girl you know she just kids. You know out there touching each other's genitals and and it wasn't. This isn't covington louisiana lee harvey oswald middle school. It's mike august from louisiana and he constantly explained to me. You have no idea how fucked up. That places like uber open. I grew up in north. Hollywood which i just soon as dump doesn't seem kind of dumpy. It is aesthetically. There's no it's always funny. It's my sort of argument with ghosts. Like everyone is from louisiana or haiti. Or whatever says oh. There's there's that one human being from valley village north hollywood mcgraw with. Oh there's definitely an energy and my crappy stucco apartment. That was off of lankershim sherman way never saw. How is it that we don't have joe's whatever. Whatever met louisiana grow in a no house because i got aluminum sliding windows and stucco put on with a bad sponge popcorn ceiling popcorn acoustic ceiling. How come no ghost there. They don't want to stick around on it. There's a persian landlords. It would definitely stick around and hall at someplace so we he just explains that first off. Every every governor of louisiana just goes to prison halfway into their terminal. Yeah i mean. They used to have signed summer when edwin edwards and david duke running against each other. They had signs that said. Don't vote for the racist. Vote for the crook and those were one of them's campaign signs. I used to lift weights with david. Duke say this dude. I swear to god. We shared a back fence. We shared back fence for probably eight years. You ever get invited any a- used to take me to the gym slime of this whole shared fans what is that. that's not. How does that work when you shared a background with david. Do it just means one family paid for the fence. And then just both people used both sides like their own side so david duke is your neighbor with neighbor. Yeah oh this is getting good and we used to go to the gym together man. And i'll tell you this nicest guy in the world. Let me say this. Can i say this. Serial killers and rapists are always the nicest guys share racist rapist. You know whoever they are. You better be nice. 'cause if you're this and you have this horrible attitude you'll you'll you you can't you can't you can't pull out. I've always a surprise when they again man on the street interview. The neighbor of this era killer like. Did you have any idea what's going on. He was a muslim guy. You come any indication that he was up dotting runaways and dismembering them in his basement no drove a previously like fears old. Thought maybe that was a normal thing from the joe just to be accurate. If i was to say a ducted gay runaway prostitute in dismembered with saws all in his basement. What you say and it was discussing stan. Your neighbor less than fifty percent chance of him engaging in that behavior. And that's my only choice or less. Yeah more okay. Yeah loud up definitely say less than twenty five percent abso- going to go less alright. So he pretty much kept to himself. Yeah there's less than twenty five percent chance. He did the runaway right game murderer because when you advertise a horrible human being you. It's hard to get in right away with all the horrible hippies can't hide in plain sight alter-ego so david duke live behind you. Yup the bahamas. The guy famously. Trump never heard of or or something in our subdivision backer. What this place. I grew up in. We used to have i mean. We grew up kind of a stray animal belt which is basically like late. Eighties early nineties. Like they had a lot of extra animals going by you know around and a highway in animals get hit out there all the time and so on saturdays we'd go bare. We'd pull up the bodies and bury them right. We'll tell you this one time we're burien something. It could have been a dog or tall raccoon. I don't know what it was. But it was like david duke david duke and this other kid named danny who actually had his extra salivary glands in his mouth needs to sweat out the side of his mouth a little. Bit david duke. The crazy from on. I come to you. We bear coons hell. No i remind lifting with you. But i want come on. We're going out and road david. I do disagree with doing it last week. Oh tell me you don't do it. Come on back on the track putting his arm of in this specific wanting to but yeah we used to pull them off embarrasment one time. We found much annuity.

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