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Maybe you're in the market for a new car shopping around for a good deal. Good experience d that's hard to find. By the way, you're always getting the runaround at the dealerships until you go to ceremony Ford run by my main, man Sohail. He's just all about giving the customer the best experience and deal available like the opportunity to Lisa. It's a pardon me. A new two thousand eighteen Ford echoes sport SE for just one hundred eight bucks a month plus tax phenomenal deal right there on the Ford echoes sport. SE twenty eight thousand eight hundred eighty eight due at signing zero security deposit and government fees and taxes for thirty six months on approved above average credit with ten thousand five hundred miles per year. Again, the echo sport. It's loaded with all the options. And conveniences you you want other sink three navigation review camera push button start. There's too many to list, but you get the idea, and that's only a sermon. Ford. And by the way, so hill is also brought back the twenty one thousand nine hundred ranger that's available at ceremony Ford right now to get in their test drive one. If you like you can do that online, set up an appointment ceremony four dot com, but go on in their give so a high five, and then just walk out of there with the best deal in the bay ceremony. Kalma Daly city or ceremony four dot com. From the Toyota fan zone. Wouldn't it be nice to win? A pair of tickets to Phil Collins still not dead yet tour on Thursday October seventeenth at chase center. Number seven now two four one five eight nine six to win this parrot tickets. Furnished by live nation wide on sale Friday, March twenty ninth at ten AM at livenation dot com from the Toyota band zone. Toyota. Let's no place..

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