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More hours seem like too no matter what's going on that's what we do so you guys did a great job because I I didn't listen to the show coming down from foothills yesterday and got to hear the voice from selling record on yeah they're always fantastic yeah make amazing beers now we we have a good time all the time beginning on the to get a gambling paper to an F. Chad Millman from the action that we're doing this in about five or ten minutes I'm on my side you couple Bucks you and I give it up we're gonna talk to Chad Millman action network kill join is at three marks tonsil join us at the bottom of their the Dennis right hand him right as we continue on here on these boards later time for traffic issues for minutes from the tell nobody traffic desk it wouldn't be then as seen in its if we didn't have issues right there's an over heated car that was in a lane it's on the shoulder now north ADD before mission warrant traffic is sluggish from Dixon landing road beyond that you've got the usual delays and from the code rode up to a street in Hayward and beyond that it is an accident north eighty before High Street just fender Bender it's on the shoulder is sluggish from sixty Sixth Avenue well on that side of the day I'll look at the final grade north found six eighty jamming up into stretches between south mission and highway eighty four and then at the top of the bay that accident on the Richmond San Rafael span has cleared up from about the middle of the bridge was in the eastbound direction but several lanes were blocked and it is packed from one a one getting out of San Francisco north one once heavy from before Cesar Chavez to the bay bridge G. K. Beale on KNBR one oh four five and six eight Toyota plans so wouldn't it be nice to wear a.

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