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Chiefs' Tyreek Hill reportedly day-to-day after hamstring injury, could return in Week 13 vs. Raiders


Big Win for the chiefs last night. no doubt about got it and they needed it at have it out of habit. It's in division. It is a road win technically indecision for Kansas City and So check doc box and they needed it but win because guess what. Raiders are out on their heels. Raiders have the same number of losses raiders. Now with the chiefs on their are by week head to New Jersey to take on the jets who have suddenly piece together a couple of wins in a row and this. This will not be easy for Oakland. Oakland and I'm sure gruden will be knocking on wood. If you with me about how difficult you know this Guy Jamal. Adams is and this guy. Darnall just threw four touchdowns but it's a win against a three win team on the road away from tying the chiefs and having a game in in Kansas City with the chiefs coming back from their bye week in week Baker's dozen with the AFC West Online. And I think that's all kinds of delicious. But for the time being the chiefs chiefs did their part to set that up as a possibility the reverse would have been far more difficult for them to handle going into a bye week and sure enough. I was concerned about that turf. There were large chunks of it coming up. tyreek Hill hurt his hamstring. We're assuming zooming he'll be fine after a week off the bye and Mahomes if you told me Christopher Brockman never actually let's flip flip the script if I told you if I told you the dafter Patrick mahomes defending. Mvp of your national the football league that his kneecap was on the side of his right leg. I told you the very next day. Not only would he only missed two games but the chiefs would definitely have him out on the field in Mexico where the game had to be cancelled due to concerns over turf that he would be out there. We would be seeing chunks of turf coming up and he would be the leading rusher of the Kansas City chiefs. What if I told you that fact no chance as what happened sure enough? That's more more more more impressive. Things too is that the chiefs the chiefs only got one hundred. Eighty two passing yards out of mahomes. It was the second least productive night and that statistical category for his entire career the only time in which he has thrown for less in a game was the game I just referred to where the KNEECAP was on the side of his leg and he got knocked out of it. Just after seventy six yards passing. But he had fifty-nine rush yards in the game. CAREER-BEST I'm telling you chiefs fans. You need to find a running game. I don't know maybe it's that other kid Williams who came in for Damian Williams. Maybe IT'S DARYL I duNno. We'll Shawn McCoy. Had some nice runs. You did have to rushing touchdowns not from homes. Last night. I get it to us the bigger phrase I get get it but What what what I need to see from his chiefs team moving forward with old man winter paying a visit more often than not this team it looks like for this team to make the Super Bowl? Not only will they have to win based on things all right now now. Not only will they have to win a wild card weekend home game but they are gonNA have to go into Baltimore or into new New England after winning that home game and beat the Patriots and or Ravens in their houses in a mid January on a presumably very cold mid January day. They are going to have to run the ball. They cannot let Baltimore or and New England pin near years back and go chase mahomes and there will be a dress rehearsal for that actually for the Kansas City chiefs coming up in week fourteen when they visit New England after playing that game against the raiders. There'll be that Dress rehearsal. We'll see how they can fair in that one but they need to find a running game name and right now they don't have somebody that can just carry it fifteen to twenty times a game and give the chiefs the the proper amount of breathing room and the proper amount of play action viability right now. I'm not seeing it. I haven't haven't seen it with consistency and that concerns me about this team's super bowl hopes

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Chiefs' Tyreek Hill reportedly day-to-day after hamstring injury, could return in Week 13 vs. Raiders

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