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House explosion in canoga park can yeah worship simply leo what would have happened warsaw part of our house saw blew up essentially you on the on sale avenue in canoga park and it looked like part of an outbuilding neuro poor area notch for why uh norm immediate word of any injuries none mysteriously reported so far or as a crowd gathered on the street derek sale uh near a fabric all your canoga park i felt blast as well about two hours ago kind of felt like an earthquake but there was no rattling the follow up on that but a lot that's all we know there's a good level some sort of a building on nosales street them canoga park and uh that's all we know right now we'll get back to you with more information reporting live on can jeffries kabc news and getting back to our hurricanes it lined up this past week a week after hurricane earned devastated parts of florida governor rick scott says the keys still have a lot of major challenges ahead lotteries with his he's the biggest problem he's which his axing prostate why advantages we have four make a loss or allen said and the leader of iran fired back at president trump today as they go back and forth day after day jeff whittle describes speaking through an interpreter today or ronnie on president hassan rouhani told the united nations general assembly he wants an apology from president trump following trump's speech to the un yesterday yesterday mr trump was asked these models offensives to the people of iran enzi and it was we are waiting for mr trump to you shouldn't apology to the people of iran ruhani also threatened to resume enriching uranium have president trump withdraws from the iranian nuclear deal as these threatened to do and president trump has said he has made a decision about what he is going to do though he hasn't release that decision to the public chicken seven ninety kabc sports dodgers playing another game at philly this afternoon alex wood on the mound they could clinch the nl west if they win in arizona loses tonight angels take on cleveland again at the beginning just after seven o'clock working the last go on the mound of your la kings take on the connects you probably won't get caught any drive again because it'll be in china at four thirty in the morning hour time that sports next we have traffic with rhonda kramer weather in the drive home with julian and john kabc news time 508 for candidacy has dependable traffic when you need it most eastbound side of.

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