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You can make a mistake and fall into a winner circle. Family time ran on the dirt over here. We didn't run on it to PETA. But she did run very well and Corey rode her well and you know we've kind of figured out with her. She can get to the leads. She's hard to get by and that's what happened the other day and she paid $30 and a lot of people out of my friends made a lot of money. Thank you, Dale. All right. All right. Still a couple minutes left, 888-966-4776. I love when these listeners welcome us to the program. They're welcoming you. They're thanking you for joining us. This is fantastic. It's good stuff. All right, couple minutes left 888-966-4776. Eric is in West Virginia and he sends a note to the show. And again, that's another way to do it. It might get horse racing radio dot net. And he said, good Dale, please spend a minute talking about roses in May. There you go, Dale. There you go, Rosen, amazing. Great story. He was my first grade one winner. And he had been with Todd Fletcher and he had injured attendant. He was turned out. Ken Ramsey, I went up on a first start working for him inspecting all the babies. And there's a three year old in a barn. And he's got he does have a tenant. So on the way back, I called Ken and I said Ken, I'll tell you about your babies later, but I love that dark horse. We need to get him off this little racetrack. Can I bring him on in? He said, you're going to have, you know, that's a pretty good story. He said, but did you go to the coal barn with a horses were selling? I said, no, I didn't. So I whipped in there. And they pull out 5 horses are going through the sale with no reserve and this big pretty chestnut walks out. I said, damn, that's a nice source. I get back in the car and call Ken. I said, keep the chestnut. Well, the chestnut ended up being kitten's joy. The bay horse was rose to me. So if I wanted to see rows in May, I never know about kids joy. And that trip to up there changed my entire life. But he was a tough horse to train, but he wanted to get out, you know, pull it outside, and he had a bad feed. He always was cracking a hole for something. And it's like hangnails. They get quarter cracks, and he was had one in every foot all the time, and he had that old ten and you had to work it. But when he never had a horse that could go so fast early and never get tired. In Dubai for the World Cup and we draw the 12 hole outside which ends up being pretty good because it was a one turn mile a quarter. And we're talking Johnny, you know, you go and lead and slowing down slowing down. I kind of interrupt us. Listen, Johnny gole go fast, because they're all going to pull them all out of their race. They're all going to be chasing you and none of them will be able to finish. And if you watch, it looks like chalk to our nation's going to fly by him and he just hits the wall and no roses just never got tired and kept right on going. And after the press conference and everything, I'm going back to the barn and there was nobody there, but me and him, it was pitch black outside and I went and put him in a sand pit and let him roll around and I said, you just bailed me out of a lot of traps, buddy. Thank you very much. What a great story. One more color on the line. We do have time for one more call. It's done in Nashville, Don. Go ahead. You're on with del Romans. AO, I just wanted to tell you that I've been to the Churchill downs many times and I've been to the Derby many, many years and the one enjoyment that I get every time I'm there is when I can see you down saddling your horses and mingling with the crowd and just being an all right gentleman. And I appreciate that and I wish you all the luck in the world. Thank you, Don next time you're there. Yell at me. You come sit with me in the box for a race. I can't believe how many race and fans come out of Tennessee. And there's no racing down there. I don't know where they got connected. But there's a whole brigade of them. Yeah, yeah. There really is. Don appreciate the phone call. We ended up dropping down right after he asked the question so he didn't get a chance to respond. But that's a very nice offer and I'm sure Don will take you up on that when you see some Churchill next time Dale. Sounds good. All right. Dale Romans, you be the host. I appreciate everybody who called in. Well, thank you and thank you for sending those emails to the show too. Dale appreciate you taking some time, my friend and we're going to look forward to catching up again in about ten minutes with the I asked the answer. We got a lot to talk about. See you talk to you in a minute..

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