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So we're going to invite up the reverend dr stephanie paul sell to come up and tell a story stephanie told me to make her her bio is short is i can so i will just say this she is my my favorite person in the world and she's perfect and if you disagree i will fight you stephanie please come up aren't they wonderful they are wonderful they are the ideal students who they hear some random thing you say in class and they make this whole amazing thing out of it it's great to see you all great to be here at the medicine i just spent a week with podcast listeners walking in the footsteps of virginia woolf together so we're we're stretching or obsessions to include more writers so i'm supposed to tell a story about love and three minutes so here it is thirty three years ago i fell in love i fell in love really hard i was twenty two years old and i'd lived in north carolina in the southern part of the united states for those of you who aren't familiar with our geography my whole life and i was moving to chicago i moved to chicago to go to graduate school and so my world was just opening up and my first day in chicago i met the sky he was tall and skinny and red headed and funny and as smart as her miami and he was also a really good basketball player he walked as one of our friends said like someone who's looking for the basket all the time he was also such a mystery to me we lived in the same house with a bunch of other students and he would we would all have supper together and then he would go to bed and he would get up at one or two in the morning and he would write these incredible papers and i'd never met anyone like this i didn't certainly never met anyone my age who was devoted to his work in this way so i fell in love with him the first afternoon i met him which was the day i moved into this house with my suitcases i met him in a library and my heart just went out it just felt like it went out of my body to him he didn't notice that for what but eventually and one year later i found myself standing in the back of a church in a long white cotton dress looking down the aisle at at him so this was very much a do it yourself kind of wedding i found my wedding dress my mother who lived in lexington kentucky went around to sale racks and bridal shops and tried unrest and took polaroid of herself and i chose from that and and my kevin were an old blue suit that he'd had forever so i looked down at the other end of the church at the skinny guy in his old blue suit and for the first time in my life and i was twenty three years old and many people who are twenty three years old have already figured this out but i had not i truly had not and i know i hadn't because it hit me like a thunderbolt i looked down that aisle at him and i thought i am going to die one day this is just a crazy thing to be doing i'm i'm about to walk to the other end of this church and say that i'm going to accompany this man to the end of our lives which means our lives are gonna end on our pilgrimage this week terry tempest williams shared a quote from hemingway love it always ends badly but it was it was a revelation to me and i was so shocked by that i kind of charge started charging down the island my mother who was walking me done i'll head to whisper slowdown but i think that is what love does they say love is planned and certainly love ken show you things that aren't there and make you not say things that are there that is true but love also confers a vision not just of the other person but of the world and of yourself and of your life and i think that these practices that vanessa and casper have been teaching us on the podcast are practices day selects semi davina and have route two they were all created because of this because if you can get close to.

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