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For high school athletes. Getting scouted to play on a big league. Sports team is the dream they hope. Someday Day recruiters will be standing on the sidelines watching during practice or come to their games and sign them up for college teams or even sometimes professional ones. That happened a sixteen year old. Kyle gears door. He goes by the nickname Boga but the recruiting process was a bit different gears. Off wasn't out on a field field joe he was in his parents house in Pottstown Pennsylvania sitting in front of his computer playing the video game Gabe fortnight streaming his games almost daily for Amazon's twitch a website for gamers and. That's where a scout for an eastwards team called the sentinel saw in play. He signed a one year contract with the Sentinel's back in March and that paid off for gear store and the sentinels almost immediately. Yup Right here. This was in July at the Arthur. Ashe Stadium in flushing New York. That's the same stadium where tennis is players compete in the. US Open gear stuff. was there on the field for the first fortnight World Cup and it was a spectacle spread of players across the screen. There's your talk ten on the left side. The top players in the world sat on the field behind computer monitors side by side playing against each other in the virtual game which was is then projected onto multiple matrons for thousands of fans and stands bogus parents in the audience of course as well cheering him on and they weren't the only ones fortnight has about two hundred fifty million registered users and more than a million of them or streaming the World Cup Competition Jim Champion and the prize. Money was worth a lot. The three million dollars of that gears dorm took home about two point. Four million the sentinels got to keep the rest according to people familiar with the matter but even so boga and other eastport competitors like him are living. The teenage dream getting paid to play video games epic the company that makes fortnight. Isn't the only game in town. activision blizzard and take two interactive software have launched professional professional leagues around their games. Electronic Arts has a fee e World Cup a video game version of the soccer World Cup with thirty two players competing in multiple apple rounds until one country player comes out on top revenue from EA. Sports is expected to climb around twenty six percent this year to reach about one point. Two billion dollars hours while at the fast growing need it's still just a small part of the global video game. Industry is estimated to be worth one hundred fifty billion from the Wall Street Journal. This is the future of everything. I'm Qatari Yokum. This episode is part three of our highlights series where we bring you the best from the Wall Street. Journal's Tech Live Conference in Laguna Beach California for Three Days Wall Street Journal editors gathered alongside leaders in the tech community to discuss everything from the future of artificial intelligence to data privacy today. We're focusing on the future of games. Hi Jason Gay. And I'm a sports columnist for the Wall Wall Street Journal. I'm speaking Andrew Wilson the CEO of electronic arts electronic arts or EA as a global leader in the gaming world world especially in sports games. They're the ones who make madden NFL. Fica need for speed apex and of course the Sims the company has more than three hundred million registered players around the world and last year two thousand eighteen to posted a net revenue of five point. One five billion in dollars Andrew spoke to us about how e sports mobile gaming on social networks and mixed reality Games are changing the way people play and also also starts on the industry overall. I want to ask you right at the top. What you were excited about right now like what is happening in your trade? It might be something you are doing but it might be something somebody else's do what is getting you excited right now in gaming if you think about how cloud is going to change the consume everything right so we watch more TV and more music and we listen to music and AL belief is that we're actually started out a blue the lines between real and virtual with the cloud. So you get to place where you get up in the morning and every activity you perform through the day has has some kind of payoff out of a game. You might run to work. It means you have more energy and fee for. You might have a dozen eggs in the fridge. Which means you're sims a fed? You might drive fast. So you'll need speed game is better. You may interact with a whole Gotcha people so you have more power in. PG So this blurring of the lines between the real and the virtual kind of moving getting from a discrete experienced went industry experience. So are there applications locations for businesses to actually game by the workplace people showing up for the nine thirty meeting on time. I think that's happening already. We see that in schooling to where we use game fixations a lot of schooling education is becoming more compelling for a new generation so inevitably it happens in our workplace. That's for sure. Do you think that people can burn out on it or do you think that that is something that will stay the idea that people want that kind of competitive metabolism where they gamified experience social interaction and competition competition at two of the most powerful motives of human behavior that positive so guilt obligation addiction causes as human beings. Do all kinds of things until such point in time is actually actually. This is just really bad and we kick the habit cold Turkey and then we tell all of our friends not to do it as well but social direction and competition the two things that we don't we don't get tired of it kind of drives us throughout our lives and so really the very core of gaming these to call positive motivators of human behavior and provided you do it right and you build over time and and you get the rewards and benefits of those two things that it's not something you boone out on. It's actually something that enriches and extends it enhances your life. What's an example of something that you've experimented with yourself that that you've been surprised? It's been a very sort of exciting satisfying gaming experience candy crush. Who would've thought like doing this and doing this? I mean here. We are five five you six years later and we're still doing it. Yeah Yeah it's a good segue to the next question. which is that? I think of gaming as a business where every now and again there are true phenomenon that just crossed the culture. And what is it like. And you've had some of them. What's that like to have a game? That isn't just a business success but just sort of vaults into the cultural conversation station I think every day you up to build entertainment. You hope is that you're going to detain you. Know tens or hundreds of millions of people I mean as as the providers and creative at a time and I think that's all of our objective when we get up in the morning every now and then it actually happens and all kinds of good things come from that no kinds of challenges come from that. We had a game earlier this year. Old Apex Legends. We brought fifty million people into that game in a month. And that's that's a wonderful thing. I mean that's mind blowing and we we're running around the office cheering. How compelling this game and then all of a sudden you discover there are all kinds of negative manifestations of of that kind of broad appeal cheetahs in in the spice and you get people trying to counterfeit currency in spice and you get bullies in the spice? And then all of these kind of negative manifestations of human behavior that we see in the real world quite frankly also manifest that skyline a will that has this many eight people interacting with it and so there's a whole nother victor of work that we have to do to keep that that experience fun and safe and enjoyable for the people who play. How do you see around corners to predict predict and anticipate? What kinds of Shenanigans might happen at a game or been doing it alone time here? We spent a lot of time thinking about if we were bad bad people. What would we try? And do we go out and hire some bad people to see an awesome. What would they do that works? And then the other thing is is we've written a whole program. Set that that really looks at by human behavior over. Tom's human compensation over time and we're getting better and better through machine learning at predicting where positive energy cartoons on itunes negative or

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