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Rise with their youth and the consequences can be deadly. What's in your medicine cabinet? Learn how to keep your kids safe. Call Narconon find out how to prevent description drug abuse in your family. Paul Narconon eight seven seven four one three three seven three. That's eight seven seven four one. Three three zero seven three are trucks. Snow dot com. Madam speaker like to be able to tell you that on Tuesday night. We'll have complete coverage of the state of the union address. The again, the state of the union visit crisis shedding this promotional announcement dad's song you'll just have to check in often to find out. What's happening declaring state of union emergency the music pay turn that back. Nobody shutdown. A state of union updates S T. Let's go shut down the roads around Pelosi's sows AM seven hundred toussaud's. Most stimulating talk ready to make your commute. More entertaining. More interesting. Even more productive than try one hundred percent and free listening on each month. You'll get to audible originals exclusive titles. You can't find anywhere else. Plus a credit good for any audio book and unlimited access to exclusive fitness and wellness programs all for just fourteen ninety five the most inspiring minds. The most compelling stories. Go to audible dot com today to start your free thirty day trial, and your first audiobook is on us going, so fast, crazy crazy. Dizzy. It didn't take long for the busy news year to kick in the shutdown information you want trade with China stock market today. Use you speaker Nancy Pelosi every day. Welcome to the new year twenty nine. It's time to get busy. Cain.

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