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The bacon even at the end were pretty good did you put any water in the air yeah good good you didn't over do it though because that's when the term watery eggs come from from putting too much water in a yeah people like to put milk in but that's not the proper way to make a I typically would put milk in but I've got a seventeen month old who has a dairy allergy so I even forgot to put the cheese I would drop in cheese early we got it in late writers are coming off the grill I thought it could be used a little more but I have sought a peppery though so I was at the mercy of the kitchen guys by the eggs and bacon yesterday when I was coming down from the Pro Bowl and so no salt pepper came with Airbnb the that were Stan and but we do understand where the term bacon bits came from because it was somebody somebody who made bacon like you I mean he's taking kosher bake so B. K. may I tell me about your travels I mean it's been almost a good ten days since you've been back home the Colorado started off at the senior bowl and ended yesterday with the with the fare well in the goodbye to the Pro Bowl as the last about Broncos have played their season and now you're here at the Superbowl what's it feel like to have gone through those three very different parts of the professional football game well it it's it's just so interesting to be around the kids and to see the enthusiasm at the senior bowl and how wide eyed they are and how they'll give their phone number anybody exam of your stay out of your radio person are you a GM whatever it may be and those guys it all they want is a chance right you see the kid like can law we talk about who probably can be a top ten top fifteen pick at the lowest he may be in a probable sooner than later and any of those kids could be to then get to the Pro Bowl where you're talking about the cream of the crop best of the best and for a guy like von Miller it's old hat raise eight probable in nine years and he's Melvin Ingram is is probable brothers he kill at least playing cards with the Miller family all week all weekend over there to probable hotel and they're just hanging out but the Cortland Sutton is wide eyed as those young kids are just try to get the league Corgan's out try to figure out how do I stay at the Pro Bowl and so I was ready for it to culminate with the fund in Orlando for hopped on Florida's turnpike come down and see you guys and then we all know what ends up happening obviously minutes before kick off the Kobe Bryant new starts circulate I'm talking Omar Ruiz from NFL network and we both are looking at our phones and it's like holy crap and he's LA guy born raised and so we're trying to find anybody be on TMZ that has an ABC seven has it and we're like okay comes in fifteen minutes turns out Pete Carroll talked about with the NCTM John Harbaugh talked of the ACT minute definitely as it did across the world not just the NBA world even the sports world but just a across the globe put a dark cloud on what was otherwise a really fun day and so von Miller I talk you postgame cut it to less than ninety seconds not because you're trying to be rude or didn't enjoy winning the probable for however many times one of rolled on extra money that comes with the U. twice as much money but one Miller was just having a hard time raptor minds like this Kobe things really got me and he's like sorry guys and just walk there is like thanks guys and walks away he did Instagram a couple of photos with him and Kobe together but yeah I mean you know look at at the end of the day professional athletes rid respect in each game respects game and Kobe was at the at the very top of the pyramid you know especially after you know Michael Jordan and then you know lebron kind of has carried the torch since Kobe retired is it is real real tough but I will tape in white you know I was going back and forth between obviously the news on the plane and then I clicked on ESPN on the plane is all the troubles on and watch a little bit of a bit of it in by the way was finally records that got into the game second and he made an immediate impact I mean large Jackson it was it look it appeared it was his favorite target was hitting was hitting the big fell yeah I was you got down to the end zone is finding mark Anders is his actual favorite target but yeah he was he was getting Carlson involve on was me playing a little harder than Tyron Smith the Russell Wilson like these get after early in and but grew reasonable times we actually sacked Russell Wilson had there not been a couple defense of scores he might have a shot at defensive MVP which no longer comes with a car office with defense very be no more cars Marriott's given week long vacations so that does not even add up me when that is clear others that as far as the Kobe thing to look here are the exact same age he graduate high school just like I did in ninety six I remember watching him the McDonald's all American game and known about him coming in and seeing them get drafted and obviously the nuggets and Lakers played a million times in the playoffs series and Western Conference finals what what's there is a known I was going to release earlier I've had conversations with them a million athletes and plenty of NBA guys other than basketball questions with Kobe I just never engage with them I didn't I didn't see him out and certainly wasn't avoiding him so Michael B. stories are just as an admirer somebody who's the exact same age and followed it ever every second of his career liked it when he played well but you know it wasn't devastated if they lost and you know and these I was yet so many young kids I've got young kids its it's it will be hard to wrap your mind around and put it into words and to see those guys at the Pro Bowl trying to process it that was tough and then the the toughest thing honestly it wasn't the players it was Lisa Salters who I think was on the sideline for everyone of Kobe's championships and the finals losses as well because they can see that the NBA now for so long and right after we talk to drew Brees on west through one she talked to on ESPN before they go to or through this trying to get some more detail I'm standing right there is close to nine do you judge is listening and then there's like yeah I only met him once I was really got to know more how well did you know men and Lee Salters who'd been pretty much crying Welling up from the second the news hit and we kept seeing around the field she's like oh no he was my guy I mean he was my guy and so no telling how close that relationship was as you know a journalist and a and a player can be well you know if if if a if a player can trust the journalists there as thick as thieves sure and you know they have big because that trust is is something you mean you either have it or you don't and I'm in it got me thinking now and and we talked a couple weeks ago briefly and we'll we'll keep it brief but when you and I did that show on the day of the of the theater shooting and we still had a job to do despite it being very personal the to us not just as humans but obviously with Jesse being an intern for us at the time and somebody that I knew that I consider myself close with to still have to go do the job because that's the job that we get paid to do Lisa Salters there looks to be called was in the building there were other people John Sutcliffe was working for ESPN deport as a bright and figured out a way to double a month but I'm sure Lisa was adamant about wanting to work and and you know and in other times down the road I'll ask her about that because whenever she wasn't on camera her make a person was on normally the sideline reporters make a person season halftime pre game and halftime her make up person had to stand next to the whole game because she just kept getting so sad and and tearing up as you would expect someone who loses someone that close so it was you know it was obviously just a a tragic day and so to be there and experience that was someone that I know was so close to Kobe and then the the players well just looked up to him it was it was a means to reels I think the it's gonna be one of those moments you know when JFK died talk to people that were alive in around my mom was in junior high in Dallas and obviously we all remember where we were on nine eleven for me this moment is going to be up there I'm gonna always remember being at the Pro Bowl hearing minutes before kickoff about Kobe's tragic passing yeah N. B. K. the the the athletic world certainly is reaching out and and making comments but when you see politicians and other world leaders say things that are glowing about Kobe Bryant it just tells you that real impact and of course the entertainment world last night as we had on the ward so go on Larry had the Grammy awards are happening at the staples center by the way everybody was gathering a by the way Kobe statue was not there yet they are unveiling eight there in them they're making the Kobe statue as we speak it's been happening on of their changing it or they'll change it at all fill out his daughter and her I'm just going out there believing in Crimea because we have to meet you and I assumed yesterday that statue was already up right yeah no I was listening to what Kenny Smith the Jack losing him this morning and though they are they're getting ready to unveil the Kobe stature because this is the first year of eligibility for hall of fame yes and they probably wanted to coincide with okay you're not all pain now we released a statue because he's already have their numbers retired in in the building right instead of just doing that you do something bigger Jack just got his that you a little while ago right and magic has is that you Kareem masses that are you and so we knew Kobe statue was it was obviously come in and we already see him Tim Duncan Kevin Garnett headline the next all hall of fame class so I I will be here see if they they modify this that your scrap it and and start over and do something different or not I don't know why you would but the guy was a phenomenal basketball player in to see the reaction from those sports community from your vantage point must have been a little different because we're talking about the who the who of who in the world of football yeah and numbers tributes on the field there with the whole Annecy team mimicked step back jumper at one point and then I think it's after dark death my scored maybe it was obviously something that that definitely affected those players and there was a moment of silence that early in the second half where they you know threw up a tribute to him real quickly on on the scoreboard but again I'll just go back to just how surreal it it was yesterday and still continues to be as were trying to talk through it and trying to process it and trying to make sense of it it's it's certainly not easy to do and it's on for it's always unfortunate but special because right now is such a huge week for American sports right we can do this every year big al because the Superbowl is a celebration of America's biggest support with the biggest game in this you got some of the biggest names biggest stars biggest night session biggest assets out all of the I can't imagine anywhere here the Monday we're here on a Monday night game is is a week away right and I I think the only thing that rivals it maybe be the World Cup you know yeah I know my should only a couple glow London other than that it's hard to say the US singular it bit where you can point to on a date that you say Hey there it is out there let's go ahead and talk about it like it's you know it's gonna happen and then when it happens it is as big as it is if this is the Super Bowl I mean what a great name the described the game that's about to happen that's Super Bowl not the normal bowl not the good bowl this is not the a great bold this is the Super Bowl yeah it is you they have all these banners hang above us when you look up here inside the convention center big al you've won two these of these banners that are hanging up in here at least three of four but I'll take the two did I have I'm greedy like that.

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