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Whatever else like pretty much from eighty five to two thousand. That spanned films are unbelievable. And when you look at whatever the top hits were they're all good now. It's like yeah might be the best movie in america by ratings but it doesn't take nothing for me to write. You know the funny thing is to. There's a reason behind it. That is kind of a glaring obvious. reason We went from practical effects to like mostly. Cgi now yup not so different. And i feel like cgi is like the auto tune of the music industry. Are this point right of the movie industry. It's like cgi is the filler. Fuck talent you know. Let's not find a practical way to figure this out. Make it work. Let's just throw a computer at it and fucking let it figuring out then. Let's task the people the most instagram followers instead of the best actors. And then let's your reboots of the same thing we've seen fifty times because we know people like obviously what. Are you going to do like that that this become shit. Drop because there's no original thought in the entire process of things. It's a lot riskier to not was sequel or reboot or whatever but but at least there's some original thought that goes into the concept of what you create exactly and i mean at least you go into it if it's original new. There's nothing to compare it to the united. There's no standard. It has to meet because nightmare now street. Everybody's gonna hate it right out the gate. Because it's not robert englund so fuck it like rape. Everyone hates it there. There's those curious that just don't like that to be fucked with and yeah i to this day. One of my all time favorite movies terminator two. Because i feel like they had this great combination of like some cgi but a lot of prior. Will that kind of you know merge those two things together and it still holds up today you know i..

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