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Trapping is slow on the blue Water Bridge from east to West Palm into the U. S and Canada because it's closed to non essential traffic. I'm Dan Levy. Chair, Traffic and weather first Snow makes a little bit of rain to start off this Sunday in the snow Take profit of the afternoon with a high in the mid thirties. Today in the cloudy Tonight below 30 partly to mostly cloudy on Monday, tomorrow, the high close to 35 from the Weather Channel I'm meteorologist Jeff Maar, Nu Stop 7 60 wjr. You're listening to the best of the inside outside guys. Fine professional contractors You can trust at inside outside guys dot com Now, once again here are Ken Calvert early and Chuck Brydon, Stein 88 8654 guys for 897. We appreciate you being with us. On this beautiful, beautiful Sunday morning. Her theme this weekend is one hour jobs that you can do to help. Maintain your home. Keep it in tip top shape. So can I give out a tip, Chuck? Thank you by the tip. It's actually one of your tips, but it's a very good tip. That sort of big. No, no, it really see. He just assumes. I'm gonna be a smart Alec idea, Julia safe of something, but You gave a tip at one time, and it was very simple, Stupid tip. One time that we have just the one to pull stupid. The The wrapping paper rules to be able to get in the hard to find places I thought. Wow, Chuck, did you think about that yourself? Tell people I'm talking about. Come on, tell him it was your tips. You know, the cardboard center from.

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