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Seen in Jilin dog pug, dog parks, of course, popular all over now. And they never we never had that many of them. But now, it's really a plus two different communities. Serve ice cream for dogs. We'll wait a minute. They say ice cream isn't good for daughters for dogs ice-cream, full dukes. Oh ice fond that lactose free ice cream. They sell it at Publix. No, I fig- dog. I've never see. Why people give their dogs nuts? Well, we talked about that one to Ida toxic nuts peanuts. Not so bad. But they need Jo's lunch. They need to crunch. Well, they they can crunch on others ri- food, I food. Yes. Yes. So you had no problem with that agility park. Nope. I like why that's not I like that that baby. Animal work for their dinner. I love it. I love. No. You know, one of the best shows that I have ever gone to is watching the we did this in Montpellier. I think you came to Virginia one time and the sheepdogs will rounding up the sheep, and it was the set lines -solutely absolutely beautiful, then ical Chet lens. What are they called for two collies? And so they are very good at Jila two billion billion, and very brilliant. And they could figure out on a whistle on a whistle. I with those sheep always view of those goats. Yes. The ones that go away from the yard. Hope they go after them to bring them day or late them right into the ball. Oh, it was one of the best shows that I have ever seen. And what was amazing to me was by the whistle of their owner of their. Train just the type of whether it is was it a three whistles in a row to whistles row of show all along with whistles is a life. God's danger is that well Linda talking about the dogs. I didn't talk about. That to.

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