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The things he promised unfair trade with their french rahab so the democrats are coming out because the whole they've found out that their strategy for six months of campaigning to impeach donald trump maybe isn't resonating with voters and purple states of the democrats and chuck schumer coming out with a populist economic agenda today where we heard that yeah that was we've been down that they're batting the trump playbook zakzaki that's a recognition on chuck schumer's part that if they're going to be competitive in states like ohio north carolina and in florida and all these purple states they're going to need to adopt a good portion of the trump agenda trump's already one gram well we're we're all in kind of excitement mode getting ready to move everything over to dc i've this has been a little bit of a curveball for me with the internet down running down here and i gotta run backup to the apartment get my stuff go to the bank something just this is going to be one of those beatings of the day and i want you to join us as well eight hundred six five five mike maybe a maybe could you could answer the question that i would pose about a never trumper like michael who you know what do you think michael should say or what should the washer the white house respond to michael if he's oprah going to be really openly critical of president trump and his policies i mean i you know michael seems to be and i don't listen as much as i like but there's no question that michael's been a pretty consistent never trump radio host so the dynamic are you are you glad he's going to be there tomorrow at 1600 pennsylvania avenue what do you expect from him what you expect from the white house maybe what what expect for the rest of us you we short of ignore.

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