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Vicki Barker has more now a team of aircrash investigators will determine if the contents of those black boxes justify grounding, the brand new Boeing seven three seven max. Eight aircraft aviation analyst John strict lights down to Boeing all decisions until about two team pieces of it. But he could act on at least four airlines have now grounded the planes. Yesterday's crash came just five months after another max eighth went down in Indonesia's, certainly tremendous concern that we've lost two of these very very modern airplanes which are in wide use including by several US airline FAA officials Stephen Wallace a hundred and fifty seven people died in yesterday's crash, including eight Americans. Vicki Barker CBS news at the foreign desk in London. Amount Washington house caught fire Sunday afternoon, not once but twice in nearly everything inside was lost. The call came in from neighbors who saw TV dish on top of the home catch fire in the three hundred block of Campbell street less than a half hour later the house caught fire again. Valerie Scarface, he talked with Katie K ATV. It's crazy to me that they came for fire put it out last and we walked in. We got all of our stuff still. And now, we don't pacer not sure if their home is savage able to armed robberies in Pittsburgh suburbs. Overnight police say two men robbed the the seven eleven on James street in turtle creek around three thirty A M. And then the BP gas station on Frank's town road in Penn hills was robbed by two suspects around four thirty in both cases at least one suspect had a weapon. President Trump will ask for eight point six billion dollars in his new budget to build the US Mexico border wall, the White House since the spending plan to Capitol Hill today, the requests sets up another showdown with congress which has so far resisted giving the president money to fulfill his signature campaign promise, the chairman of the Federal Reserve sees no need for highest interest higher interest rates soon. I'm Tom Foty Jerome Powell attributes the polls and interest rate hikes to a slowing of a global economy and other risks to the US economy. He's spoke with Scott Pelley for CBS's, sixty minutes. I think growth this year will be slower than last year last year was the highest growth that we've experienced since. Financial crisis really in in more than ten years. This year, I expect that growth will continue to be positive and continue to be at a healthy rate. So Powell says the fed does not feel any hurry to change interest rates adding the attacks on him by President Trump plano role in search decisions. Tom Foty, CBS news, Washington. On Wall Street Hefferin, Tillerson says the Dow is down thirty points at twenty five thousand four nineteen and the NASDAQ is up eighty six points at seventy four ninety three in sports. The raiders have an agreement with the Steelers to acquire Antonio Brown and give him a new contract worth over fifty million dollars. Pittsburgh will get a third and fifth round draft pick and return the post cassettes. Ed bouchette Till's, Katie k radio. The Steelers wanted a first round selection. Tonio ruined a lot of that with his actions and his words over the past couple of months so that that's our round pick is a high. Right at the top preseason baseball this afternoon..

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