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Maybe it's just in the upper layers of titan's atmosphere where there's not much else that it's fairly rarefied but the big puzzle is that you don't find it anywhere else It's not it's not showing up. In any other atmosphere of the solar system that includes the gas giants as well as venus earth. it is unique in that regard. Strange discovery cross up so many questions. Wise it they had it happen. What's doing not seeking an answer any of those questions that might Quarter revelation was. It could just be something ordinary. The doesn't there's nothing about what's going on off. There's another nice quote from rosalie. Look who's a titan expert. Actually jet propulsion laboratory. I'm guessing he works with With linda spilka who we met last year when she she. Linda was the cassini mission. Scientists We we had over here in australia last year to give some tools as rosalie says we're trying to figure out if titan these habitable who so we want to know what compounds from the atmosphere get to the surface then whether that material can get through the ice crust to the ocean below because we think the ocean is where the habitable conditions you go. Yeah that's right but but it's just it's hard to know what this means exactly as you've hinted but it is just another example of what an extraordinary world titan is one final comment. Andrew is that we've got this dragonfly. Coming up nasa has approved an opt to captor which will explore the surface of titan. Remember when the launch date is the twenty thirties but You know dragonfly might while the able to cast some light on on the on the existence of this another weird molecules so not something to look forward to hope. I'm still around then and well. They might be obviously motorola in but we might get an explanation at some time in the well a not too distant future abilities fadeaway twenty sixty very true very true. If you're listening to the space podcast. Andrew dunkley he with fred watson a cast powers. Some of the world's best podcasts. Here's a.

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