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Independently owned and operated. Let's get a check of Wall Street with Jeff Clay. Both the Dow was down a point, the S and P 500 is up a point. The NASDAQ's up 24 money news in 10 Minutes on W T O P Sports at 15 and 45, powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red 1 15. George Wallace. What a nail biter Today we have free baseball right now in the 10th inning. Yeah, the Virginia No, D You were tied at three after Virginia tied this thing in the bottom of the eighth inning. Oh, do you took the lead with two runs in the top of the eighth? Then they tied in the bottom, and now we are in the bottom of the 10th inning. Virginia at the plate tied 33 as the winner will advance to the super Regional. And see if Virginia can get it done. The Nationals begin a series with the raise this evening. Tampa Bay in first place by half game over the Red Sox in the palace there 15 games over 500, everyone seven of the last 10 nationals at 24 32 right now fourth in the N L. East. Not at the bottom there half game ahead of the Marlins for last, and they trail the Mets by seven games heading into tonight. Speaking of the Mets, they are in Baltimore to face the Orioles. Chase. Young and attendance is Washington football team beginning the three day mandatory minicamp in Ashburn as It will be the final three days of the off season and then there'll be a break before training camp. All three quarterbacks participating as well. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinecke today. Curtis Samuel, wide receiver missing due to the growing injury, he tweaked a little bit during OTAs and former Giants head coach Jim Fossil has died at the age of 71. His son John, confirmed last night. He died of a heart attack while under sedation after being taken to a hospital Monday with chest pains. George Wallace Wtlv Sports All right, George, up ahead a suspended look. Police officer found guilty of a brutal attack on his girlfriend 1.

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