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Yep. Beating your ass right now. Family your daughter's crying, your wife is telling me to stop. And this is a great. I'm not going to transition. I was going to say, oh, I know. I know I had the your your What what? your wife's Jordan Pickford, your his his girlfriend is not what did you castle fan sin-? Anyway, I I'm loving that. All these players are coming behind him. I love that Ian Wright arsenal legend came out and called him up pussy in talian. Oh, oh, yeah. Ian Wright, fucks you have tons of other players were sterling obviously came out. And it was like, are you kidding me? Partly to blame. There is a bunch of other African or black players who came out, and we're like, dude, I think Toray Pau fucking compel Patrice era all all the fucking good humans in the sport. It's ever is a weirdo, though, ironic he is is a fucking wack job. But God, dammit, if he doesn't have good energy and his good big dick energy. We can say that good. Big dick energy also are a key to his Monday motivational, videos, he stopped. But that's so that's that's a huge bummer. But it's like bucket chicken. Like he did like centrally have sex with like a Turkey or something? Yes. Shane Dawson had sex with a cat. So. Twenty nineteen David Cameron. Fuck. The prime minister of England fucked pay documentary, it was a black mirror episode. But yes. Fucking right told them that. All right back to the Leonardo Banou cheese and ask always, obviously, a big dump dumb idiot. And even Allegra had like wasn't really supporting Moi's keen. I think he was saying something kind of similar, but I think Leonardo Banou she's was so much works at a kind of Kylie overshadowed. But the coach where you Ventas was even like, you know, I don't think he should have celebrated like that. It's like dude fuck off like that. Like, what do you want him to do? Just keep getting yelled out of monkey noises. Scott like fuck raises them, dude, man. I just this should just bums meow each week, and I hate like being this like, you know, beating a dead horse. But here we are again. And it's also Italy again like godly, and I think it's just like it's not even the racist. That are I mean, they're obviously really bad, but these attitudes like, but Nucci that keeps allowing this behavior. Yeah. Like like strike out this thought he already came out on his Instagram story saying like, no, I'm against raising. He's trying to do some PR work, you know, like trying to cover his ass. So I don't know. I don't know how we stop this. I think I saw someone interesting on what's it called on Twitter? I just wanted to pick Twitter shutouts the soccer Kurgan who I've never listened to. And I still don't understand the goalie, but they're like the biggest soccer podcast is extra minute. Blazers to look like to Austin dues. They posted the gift of Donald Trump saying there's good people on both sides that don't jaaz like. Wow. To real second. It was someone saying like players should do some type of protests kindly. What Cal Colin Kaepernick did was like taking a knee, which I thought was interesting..

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