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So lots of stuff here you can do with your iphone to protect yourself when you're out in about. There's also eight useful Google, tools and apps that you may have overlooked things like Google shopping goo Chambord Google sites coup expeditions, Google, trusted contacts. Google the Maine's what is Google trusted contacts grew trusted contacts is safety app using which you can keep tabs on your loved ones. Whereabouts. You can share your patient with trusted contacts in real time. In requests, there's users have the option to temporary primly give access to their location and revoke whenever they want to app. People can post up date. To while. They're in transit to inform others about their status. What's more? There's emergency feature which omically shares your location with your trusted contacts. If you don't respond to a crisis specific nine period. Okay. Cool. Of course, Google the Maine's Google tilt brush, this is a paint app. Google one. What is that? It's a cloud storage description. So they've overhand overhauled that recently. But anyway, these are some things that you may not be aware of from Google, tools and apps that you may not be used to using. Now how to choose the right part portable SSD, well, the top speed cost top dollars. But you mean, not need the fastest drives. And there's a lot of varieties out there. And you know, give you an example of one to a hemmitt laying here, and I packed. It up already got an SSD on a stick to little USB. Stick is really really fast. And and then I've got some Samsung drives that are pretty fast, but not as fast as a stick. So there's a variety of different options for you here. If in depends on the need for speed, and if you're in business near you're trying to look for the fastest connection. But we know that USB seaports with three point one gen one gen two or even he was species Porsche with underworld three support speeds varying in five ten and forty gigs per second. But that doesn't always mean that the device that you plug into connects handle it. So if you. Compare the sandson p by to the Samsung x five to the Intel sixty p which come with prices of these are all one terabytes USB SSD specs with one seventy seven four forty nine and one fifteen the Samsung X five is by far the fastest supporting Thunderball three up to forty gigs. But she paid the price whereas Intel sixty p with one terabyte is only one hundred and fifteen dollars, but it supports USB three point one gen to up to ten gigs. So whereas the Samsung t five is in the middle price range of one seventy seven, and it's USB three point one is only up to ten gigs. So you just have to kinda price these things out and look at the different performance across the board. And what you're willing to spend. So I thought I would share that with the inhabit the share notes tonight. So that if you are looking for a portable again, a portable SSD, this is an option for you over on the financial times. T dot com. They're reporting about what's app, basically being hacked by Israeli spyware. So a vulnerability in in. What's app is allowed attackers and checked commercial Israeli spyware onto phones the company in spyware technology dealer said which what's app, which is used by one point five billion people worldwide discovered in early may the taxes rivals install surveillance software to both iphones and Android phones by bringing up targets using the apps phone, call punctuation the malicious code developed by the secrets of Israeli company NSO group could be transmitted transmit even if the users did not answer the phones and the calls often disappeared from call logs what's Abbas to earlier into its own investigation. Availability asked me how many phones were targeted using the method as of late Sunday as what that's engineers race to close. A loophole. UK human MB's, a UK based human rights lawyers phone was targeted using the same method. Researchers at the university Toronto citizen. Labs said they believed that the spire tech and sunny was linked to the same vulnerability that what's app was trying to patch and NSO's pike ship product is called Pegasus program that can turn an on a phones. Mike phone camera trough through emails and messages in collect location data so NSO advertises its product to Middle Eastern in western intelligence agencies purportedly and says Pegasus intended for governments to fight terrorism. And they've been recently batted two billion dollars for leveraged buyout by UK private equity fund. So you what's at disclosed issues? The department Justice last week. And so said, it's carefully Betty customers. Investigate any abuse about the what's app attack. And so said it was investigating the issue. The UK lawyer who declined to be ended finest helped a group of Mexican journalists and government critics and a Saudi dissident. Oh, my goodness nother Saudi distant could be getting targeted here. Sue NSO in Israel, edging that the company. Shares liability for any abuse of its software by clients. So wow. Nothing secure, folks. That's what it is very apparent final article. Uber employees are freaking out a little bit Buber SIA warns and staff Email tough public market could last months. He knowledged. Uber's rocky trading debut while at the same time saying the tech giant's Facebook and Amazon also faced difficulties after listening. He's obviously your stock did not trade walls. We'd hope post IPO tough day in the market while. Yeah, the Chinese trade wars isn't helping and so what is it down to San Francisco based one hundred eighty million shares at forty five dollars a piece, and it's never traded above the price in day. It's down seventy six forty one fifty seven and today closed thirty seven oh eight so still among many many billionaires where made at were made over there at. It over. All right. They've got some emails have come in. And actually, I've got a let me go to slack. Now. I've got just so you guys know since studios largely tore down. I can't play audio live. But I've got an audio comment that has come in from Andrew, and basically it's an apple versus net flicks. And I'm going to inject Anders recording into the show here. I wanna thank Andrew for his thoughts on this. And thank you for sending the file over apologize. I can't play it live and give a live running commentary here. But it's it's some good thoughts about the bought the commentary from the show. Also, I've got an Email that came in from. Come from manual said. Hey, Todd was listening to your news podcast number thirteen sixty six new asked about the Facebook break-up. He said, it would be a good thing. Let's not forget the US government is set up terrain to grow and also kill monopolies over over. And again in the last one hundred fifty years. This is true. You look at we broke up my bell. All that. Now. It's time for Facebook to receive the guillotine nowhere else is better explained than in the book called the master switch written by Tim Wu. Tim Wu explained how different information empires were help. And then killed when they become a not became monopolised by the US government. So now, it's Facebook's time PS a short note about a logarithms when you talk about the steps of program takes decide what to do. Those stuffs are called a logarithms not logarithms, which are certain type of math functions manual. I love saying logarithms a logarithms.

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