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Side. W E R c Fox six news. Good day. Alabama starts with breaking news. Welcome in that breaking news, Of course, Hurricane Sally now pounding Alabama's coast as we speak, That's right places like Mobile Gulf Shores, Pensacola, all saying massive amounts of rain and strong winds this morning. We're going to have the very latest from the coast throughout the morning. We're efforting pictures. You saw there that video from Lay there down on the Gulf Coast. But ah lot going on a lot changed overnight, in fact, so we got team coverage for you're going to start off make you Ferguson there and Matt Daniel first, where Weather center tracking the storm's progress making. What's the latest? Well, we had Sally strengthened overnight. Last night We were at 85 MPH sustained winds. Now what 105 and you can see where the eye wall is right there Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, So the eye is moving over Gulf Shores and Orange Beach at the present time just to the off to the north. In summer Dale northward. Through Lillian in fairy past Pensacola getting hammered by lots and lots of rain. They've got all kinds of flash flood warnings down there. Tornado watches. We've had a couple of tornadoes into the Florida Panhandle that Have dissipated at the present time, but there's still a tornado threat there. But this storm surge and flooding is just going Tio possibly proved to be a historic event. They've already received over a foot of rain 16 inches of brain foot and a half there into Gulf Shores and Mohr falling so this the projected path of Sally looks like it's going to move a little closer into Ah, well, well further to the South East, so that could give a lot of us a break here in the north Central Alabama. Are far southeastern counties have the best potential for flooding. Based on that forecast today, home here we're looking at a high of 75 degrees 70% chance of rain. A lot of areas, though west of I 65 may not see much rainfall in all So an update on that coming up in just a little bit, plus a very nice weekend to talk about, too. We'll have that more.

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