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Only go through once. Matthew Wagner has lived in Calistoga since 1981. He also had to evacuate in the 17 2005. You know I have south of town. And their fires south of us at Sterling, which is only a mile or two away, so I didn't get any sleep the other night and popped off three. But he didn't have to leave his home until last night, when the whole city was ordered to evacuate, Wagner says. From now on, he is always going to leave his tent in the car. So if everything burns then at least he can live in that. Coben and the fires, he says. There's so much that fuels out of your control. You might be here today and everything might be gone tomorrow. I'm Sam Burnett. The news. The state senator representing the North Bay says California was not prepared for this current fire season. The state recently purchased a dozen Black Hawk helicopters, seven C 1, 30 air tankers and invested 2.5 billion in emergency preparedness. Senator Bill Dodd represents Napa and parts of cinema counties have this many fires burning out of control. Eyes really, Quite stark. It's something that has not been playing for. And I could tell you were taxi all that dad DOD wants the state to come up with a master plan to reduce fuels. Governor Gavin Newsom has said he's working with the U. S. Forest Service to reduce fuels on land owned by the federal government, which in California is more than half of the States Force. Three of the Bay Area's major sports stadiums are preparing to serve as voting centers. The San Francisco 40 Niners have now offered up Levi's stadium in Santa Clara 40. Niners president Al Guido's says they hope voters will be attracted to the combination of a familiar location and plenty of space for social distancing. Wass calls or you have this billions of opportunity for space out place..

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